Sunday, July 02, 2006

Don't go chasing waterfalls.

Ladies, ladies, ladies...Good'n'Very Plenty in the hizzzzouuuuuse.

And he's got a raging hangover. It's sad when you realize you can't party like you used to and have to take it down a few notches to simple rock star status. Cement mixers should come with a warning label: "Automatic hangover, just shake head."

Anyway, I'm funking the system and funking the bullshit rule of first-come-first-serve. The url had "guy" in it, and I think that makes it fairly fucking obvious that I should review it, you know, cause like, I'm like a guy and all that shizzle.

The site is I think. I'm really not sure. If it is the title, well, dude! C'mon bro! You can do better than that! I know you changed sites-or so I think seeing as the url you gave us is diffy-diff than that one-but you can so do better than ""! All you have to do is take out the www and the .com, and ta-dow motha fucka! a title that doesn't make you seem missionary-only fun, if you know what I'm saying.

Template wise, it's simple it's organized, it's no frills. There's a quote at the top of the page concerning the site and it's fucking hilarious, but I think it's kind of out of place. Personally, I'd like some kind of title and/or banner, and maybe the quote following it. I'd also make the water cooler picture bigger. If the site is under construction due to the move, well then just tell me to shut it.

The most recent post is a video. You've got to be kidding me! Comcast has on-demand personals?! The video is hilarious. I'm hoping for that guys sake he's beyond drunk. I hope he's reliving years of acid abuse in one non-ending acid flashback kind of existence. Ladies! He's a winner! And he will make you laugh once you get to know him. Go on! Give Danny-boy a try!

He's a movie and music buff, which I really think all guys are. Stupid comedies are how we roll, now women just have to accept that fart jokes will never get old, no matter how old we are or how mature we act, and we can all live in a more symbiotic world where we're more willing to watch something god awful like Beaches. *cough*

Right, so is anyone else disturbed by the Prime Minister of Japan being an absolute Elvis freak? No? Just me? That also really has nothing to do with this review, although he does have a post about how freakishly plastic Priscilla Presley looks. The dude writes well. It's no Shakespeare, but this is pure gold, people. That movie was horrendous and not even gorgeous scantily clad women dancing wet could make any part of that movie enjoyable. Hoy!

The verdict: I love it! I'm a guy and I don't mind reading chicks pour their hearts out and be emotional and verbose about the most stupid of shit, but it's just a bit weird to read it from a guy. Props to you man! You keep it funny with points of personal and enough fart joke-esque shit to make me add you to my daily blog reads.

of these goofy little bastards I award to you for a fantastic blog, and for giving me material to show my girlfriend when she starts to bitch about me not being "worthwhile."

and this is for getting "Letter B" stuck in my head and sending me on a hunt for the "Manamana" song.

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