What in the hell are you doing?

This is our own self-imposed quixotic quest to improve the quality of the blogosphere.  It is our goal to give bloggers solid, helpful feedback on their blogs.  We don't mean to make you cry, really we don't, although we do love to deliver a well-placed and timely spanking.  It is all for your benefit, though, we promise.  Think of us as the most benevolent dominatrixes you have ever encountered, with really great boots and a thin whippy riding crop.  We want to help you help yourself.  We want to make you better, not bitter.  We want you (well, some of you) to succeed.  We are hopeless blog-addicts, and it amuses the bejeezus out of us to find good new blogs.  Seriously.  So, try not to suck.

Who are you?

The reviewers here have all blogged for a number of years.  We write.  We have rockin' templates.  We've been reviewed (some nice, some scathing).  We've learned a lot.

What gives you assholes the right to do this?

You do.

Do you have any hard/fast blog rules?

Yes.  Here are a few:

1. Title it.
2. Keep the same font throughout the blog.
3. Post on a regular basis (at least once a week).
4. Give some introductory background of who you are and what you are doing so I don't have to read for an hour to figure that shit out.
6. Get a template/layout that makes it easier for people to figure out what the hell you are doing.
7.  Write your ass off.  When it comes right down to it, the blogs we like are all about the writing.  Our favorite bloggers lay their guts on the line, they make us spew coffee on our monitors, they shock us, they are sometimes the trainwreck that causes us to hit the rear end of the vehicle in front of us.  Just, WRITE.

Where can I get a cool, shiny new template?

Here are a few places to start:

Gecko and Fly
Suck My Lolly
Lemonade Designs
Final Sense
Blogger Templates
Free Blogspot Templates
The Style Contest
Carl Galloway

Extra Info:

How to Blog, by Tony Pierce (busblog)

More tips from a recent post.

Feeling brave?  Submit.