Monday, September 18, 2006

Finch aka ShitBreak

As Mr. Fireballs stated, we have a new look. Snazzy ain't it? I'm trying to make it a bit more user friendly/less long/take out the extraneous shit that doesn't need to be on the main page, but until I figure out how to run two javascripts at once that don't have the same windows.onload command, this is how we're going to roll, and I, for one, love it! Along with that, we changed the button for linking, so if you have one of the older buttons (most notably the "Come to the darkside, we have cookies" button) it would be much appreciated if you could just do a little switcharoo. Lastly on the administrative front, I've noticed that not many people have signed up to be guest reviewer. This could be because we have about three readers, or because no one really notices that we're offering it. Well, we're offering it! Sign up! Review! Take the fucking power back! (or something.) Otherwise we'll be forced to do something lame on Thursdays like meme's, *gasp* HNT, or Thursday 13's, and no one wants that. Right? Maybe? No? At least continue to fool me people.

Anyway, I opted to do my review before the most awesome football game of the season (for me) starts, so that if my team is losing/does lose I won't take it out on poor Cornell Finch. He's british (which means he's super sexy and hot, and yes accents do really make up for anything that could be wrong with a man), so it would be even more unfair to penalize him for stupid American sport follies. Ladies and gentlman, we have it all here. A drop down menu for catagories and the archives, an admittance of being a sell out for having advertisements on the sidebar, seperate pages for random stuff to avoid clutter--like "about me"--and an aesthetically pleasing template with minimal colors (note how adding a little red makes it all better *cough*).

I have to complaints about the template. First, the "London Underground Song" link leads to a page that doesn't load all too properly (at least in Firefox). Not sure why, it might just be the code for the video in which case there's not much you can do, or it could just be simply making sure the code is in the blog container area. The video is hilarious, though, check it out! The other complaint is that when you do go to this auxillary sites, there's no link to go back to the main page, so you have click "back" until you magically get there. The easiest thing to do is to just add a link that says "Home," or if you want to get mighty fancy, add a link at the bottom of each auxillary page to take readers back.

The content is pretty good too. It varies from day to day, and he won my heart over with dog pictures. I love Westies and I've been trying to convince my mother to get one for the longest time, but of course my father won't have any of that because for the first time in 30 years he's got all of my mother's attention seeing as all we little kids have moved out of the house, and even though he propositions me with large sums of money to take her away almost weekly, he loves being the sole proprietor of her bitching and moaning love. I also really respect the fact the he and a group of people are engaging in a weight loss challenge, and I totally admire him for just laying his weight out there like that. I'm female, and even though I have no weight issues I still don't tell the truth when people ask me what I weigh. It's a great idea though, and highly commendable since he's doing the challenge with his dad. Say it with me "awwwww!"

I give it for a fantastic template, being a decent read, and for having cute little westie pictures.

And a for camping with Toby Maguire.
Who knew celebs could rough it up?

**For those have no idea where the title of this post came from, it's from American Pie. Finch, the nerd, was called shitbreak by the absolutely orgasmic Sitffler.


  1. Wow it's lonely here today.

    *continues to play with herself*

  2. I'm not sure if I should comment too much on the site (people in greenhouses etc) but I did like the use of red on white, the font and the mention of wombles, particularly as I am the proud owner of a womble lampshade!

  3. Payne, comment all you want.

    I've grown fond of some of the sardonic British blogs. This would be one of them.

    Kat, pretty sure it's "shitBRICK", not "shitBREAK". It's kind of a shame that Stifler is probably the highlight of that guy's career.

  4. Highlight of his career ? Did you not see The Dukes Of Hazzard ?
    Or The Rundown with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ?
    Stiffler was just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. Welcome to The Jungle was a superb film with Stiffler in it.

    Just a quick note to say thanks for the review and I'm glad I don't suck (too much). The home thing is something that bugs me too, I just can't figure a decent enough way to fix it at the mo. I don't know what's going on with the flash for the London Underground, I've looked, played re-inserted the flash and nothing wants to know. :(

    Payne (and others) I would be interested to hear your opinions too. Wombles ROCK!

    Collin (Cornell Finch aka Shitbreak/shitbrick (must find out now!))

  6. My dears, it is shitbreak. He would always go home from school to take a shit break because he refused to go in the public restrooms at school. Hence, the ex las in the Moccachine, and hence the scene in the women's room.

    Payne--comment as much as you want! We heart you here.

    Collin: it could just be the flash player that mucks it all up. As for the home, it's really easy to just add a link at the bottom of the page, but I understand if you want to do it in a totally rocking, fancy-shmancy kind of way ;)

  7. Yes, Kitty is correct. I own that movie, I love it so much. In fact, some of my favorite movie lines of all time are in that movie.


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