Thursday, September 07, 2006

Self-Promotion is a bitch

How many of you forgot I exist? Raise your hands.

Awesome, that's what I thought.

Being MIA is a skill my peeps, so understand that being in the witness protection program is not easy... And missing in action, indeed, seems to be on the menu tonight with Shameless Self-Promotion.

It seems I'm being punished by being assigned this blog.
I was almost charmed by her eat shit attitude and her neediness to vent. I think all bloggers should vent or they'd be demised to literary hamster wheel power... Running around in vagrant circles meandering to not piss somebody off or say the wrong thing. That sucks my ass in a way a hoover would a paper clip.

Hmm. How many of us have had this problem? Okay, you don't have to raise your hands.

Now, normally I like the BTOD and really it's only because I hate IT2M (which, is very similiar to Y2K btw, and that was an idiotic failure of over-planning and stupidity too).

Oh, shit. *taps microphone tap under desk* I forgot about that. Bitches. Let me snort my 8-ball in peace.

The black template that seems to spread across blogdom like liberals in Oregon. But this time I admit, it's just plain boring and wrong. Further, if you can't write much - or at least something partially interesting in content - then make your template reflect your current attitude or something. Put up a fucking picture.... Anything but a dark void of no information for an extended period of time.

That's another thing. I understand people get busy or shit changes, but don't just leave one post up for three months.... Please, I implore you. It's too reminiscent of Natalie Holloway's blog.. Her last post was her coming trip to Aruba... WRONG. Just, wrong.

*shakes head*

I could forgive the BTOD. Because I like her style.
I could forgive the time lapse. Because she is creative with her "lists"
I could forgive everything and take the girl for ice cream. Because she's a hard working college student.

But I can't forgive the fact that all she talks about is school, graduating, assignments, school, graduating, assignments..... *scrolling*

Oh Oh OH.. nope wait... school... graduating.... assignments.

SO what would I like to see? I'd like to see me front row at the Slipknot concert but that's not happening. So in lieu of that Rachel Norfleet I say - FUCK THE BASTARDS!!!

If you want to write about shit that pisses people off - for fuckssake do it. Tell us whats in your head, how you feel, what you don't feel - If you need to feel.

Don't hold back. Don't. Because if you implode it could make a mess worse than what was left on the sidewalk at the party... And I can't have another pretty college student laying waste to wall kill.

I heart you Rachel. Write with your head and nothing else. No morals, no respect, no "shit, should I say that"... And no school.

And then call me. We'll have ice cream.

You get Because although you don't suck, you need to sit next to the kid with the thpecial helmet.


  1. *is the embodiment of perfection in the bitch blogging sphere*

    Haha, just kidding.

  2. Rather pointless. Sorry I made you review a site that for all intents and purposes is dead.

    I also don't see who she could have upset or hurt. I think I say more offensive and hurtful things about people/the world/everything while I sleep.


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