Tuesday, November 28, 2006

He's The One They Call Dr. Feel Good!

Nothing beats a four day weekend. Nothing makes you forget you had a four day weekend like returning to work on Monday morning, and remembering how just a few days ago you were going to sleep at your normal wake-up time. Fucking hell. Nothing is sacred anymore, huh?

That nothing includes pop culture, which has gone from being somewhat fun to being utterly ridiculous. Who really cares about these Hollywood idiots? All I care about is that they make so much money for doing pretty much nothing and contributing nothing more than entertainment-at a low low price of $10.00 for a movie ticket or $15.00 for a cd-for a specific time, meanwhile scientists who contribute their lives to finding a cure for cancer, for example, are barely making ends meet. Anyone else see a problem? A kid can tell you what Lidnsay Lohan's favorite coffee drink and drug of choice are, but probably couldn't tell you who invented the cloud electron theory. Fucked up, I say. Regardless, today's blog, E.A.R.W.A.C.S-Essays About Random Wacky-Ass Culture Shit is all about the wacky-ass world of pop culture.

I have to admit that since I read the sites url I've had Mötley Crüe in my head, but that really has nothing to do with anything. I understand the header-earwax and earwacs, hah get it?, but I think it could be done a lot better than having three of the same picture. There's a lot of creative leeway, like having a cartoon ear dripping wax or even using the blog description of "Shoving Q-tips up pop cultures ass since 2006" and have a cartoon ear shoving a Q-tip in an ass. There's a lot of room to be awesome, man. A lot.

Overall the template is pretty simple. It's neatly organized, the colors aren't terribly offensive, and the sidebar is short and lovely. I especially love the navigation tabs that bring you "home" or take you to his "about me" page. My only complaints are: 1. The blog seems a bit smushed. I'm not sure what resolution he uses but I have my laptop set to the highest possible resolution and there's a lot of background area showing on both sides; 2. There needs to be a bit of padding in the post pictures so that when a picture is posted with left alighnment the text isn't right there molesting the poor picture; and 3. Type out the word "Shit" in your title. Seriously, censoring that is pretty trite. I understand you may be a father and are trying to uphold a certain aura of whatever, but if you're going to have the word in your blog title then have the word in your blog title. Other than that, I'd say very well done fair Doctor Love, well done indeed!

The content is well done, as well. The specific topic I'm not particularly interested in. I've never been interested in Hollywood or what is trendy and hip etc, and it's a rare day that I'm actually anticipating the release of a movie. I'm the person who says "Oh, I want to see that." and then never bothers to see it. I will say that his post about how Al Pacino and Robert Deniro need to hang up their "acting gloves" and the post about how Biggie and Tupac were killed by Wayne Newton made me laugh out loud, and caused my boss to pop his head in and make sure I'm aptly writing acquisition contracts. Basically, this blog is about pop culture from the male point of view, and seeing as I seem to embody the male point of view I find it fairly amusing. I remember sitting there amongst a sea of women-okay, six women-and thinking out loud "How many men do you think these women have slept with just during this season?" while watching Sex In The City. Honestly, those girls were total sluts but no woman seems to pick up on that. They just pick up on the fantastic clothing and fabulous shoes, and watch the show all the while wondering why they never get hit on as much as these broads.

Alright, bit of a tangent there. Sorry. Anyway..

I give Doctor Love for a decent template, fantastic navigational tabs, and pretty good content.

Now fix the header and make it something a bit more creative and fun, and for the love of G-d type out the word shit in your title.


  1. His posts are insanely long and I didn't think there was anyway I'd be into this.

    But I read his entire post on why men should watch Sex and the City - and it's brilliant. Wonderfully written, different ideas - excellent.

  2. It is brilliant isn't it? He's got a lot of potential, but you're right about the long posts kind of being a deterrent factor.

  3. It's a tough line to walk between cleverness with long posts and too many words for the average reader. But I'm with you both. I'm alright with it.

  4. This guy seems really smart. If I had the time to read all his well-written and nicely syntaxed words, I'd probably love his website.

    But I bet there are a lot of people who like that he's taking the time to write magazine length articles. Good on ya, Earwax Guy.


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