Monday, November 13, 2006

When I'm Feeling Blue, All I Have To Do Is Change The Color.

Really. There has not be some kind of rule that bans people from playing certain songs at any hour of the day. I understand that I listen to some fucked up music, and that music is highly subjective thing; however, "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol is absolute shit. It ranks slightly lower than that bullshit Hinder song that everyone seems to love that basically is the anthem for cheating fuckers everywhere. I'm not trying to be a song choice Nazi, but well, I feel I have earned the right to be one, and on a sick day I want nothing more than to sit in the comfort of my own apartment and do absolutely nothing to a soundtrack of my choice, not have that homosexual "if I just lay, if I just lay here" lyrics of Snow Patrol blasting form my neighbors apartment for the fifth time since I've been cognizant.


Today I get to review The Clay Show.. Arguably, it's a decent title for a blog, but ever since Eminem hit the scene with a little CD called "The Eminem Show," people have gone buck wild with the whole -insert your name here- Show. I'm pissy as a result of the Snow Patrol debacle and being sick, so I'm not going to go on and on about how a more creative title could be had, or how a title is a title or nothing more, or any other way I can play devil's advocate to my own thoughts on the issue of the blog title. I've seen worse, I've seen far far better, and Sweet Pea? There's a show going on in everyone's head, especially in blog world. There. Leave it at that.

The template is rather boring. It's blue. And that's about the only color on display. There's nothing wrong with blue, and I think most people would agree that blue and all of it's wonderful hues are perhaps some of the most loved colors out there. Girls love blue eyes [even if I prefer brown], a blue sky means a sunshine filled day, and no one looks bad in blue or it's concurrent shades, but this blog kind of reminds me of that person in the denim jeans, denim jacket, and a dark blue shirt. It's overkill. And for anyone thinking it's okay to wear a denim jacket at any time, it's not, nor will it ever be. Where was I? Oh, right. It would totally bring a vivacity to your blog, sweet Clay, if you added a different background color. It can still be blue, but maybe a darker shade of blue? Anything to add a bit of contrast to the blog, because as it is now it all just seems to meld into a sea of blue-ish grey. I would also recommend making the content width a little bigger. You've got a lot of empty space on the left and right that isn't really serving any purpose. Outside of that, things look nice. Sidebar is nice and neat, well laid out, and aside from the obvious complaint of rolling up your archives into a drop down menu, I like what I see.

As for the content, well? It's not for me. At all. That's not to say it's bad or anything, but, as I've said a number of times in comments, for me to read a blog and genuinely love it, the blog has got to chronicle a train wreck of humanity. I'm a train wreck of humanity, I read thousands of pages per day, I wrote and proofread even more, so for me to want to read something on a daily basis takes a lot. In my opinion, this blog lacks the "a lot." He writes about football [and I have to say that anyone who didn't know A&M didn't stand for Agriculture and Mining is either not from Texas, hates football, or lives under a rock because I'm not even from the mainland and I know that], elections, and starting a crime ring concerned with stealing baby seats which are apparently a hot commodity. I don't have kids so I have no clue, but I'm starting my own urban sprinting league, so if anyone wants to join let me know.

I somehow think this is a dude's blog in the sense it's for those DILF's out there [Yes. That stands for Dad I'd Like To Fuck.], and though I pretty much am a dude in a chicks body, I'm not a DILF and like to see more of that aforementioned human train wreck in my dude blogs. I'll have to leave it to GNVP and Atomic Fireballs to give it the final "yay" or "nay."

Regardless, I give it for the neat sidebar, and good template set-up minus all the blue, of course.

You also get a for now allowing the use of html in your comments, and for having the word verification [Which I bitched about at length last week] appear AFTER you click to post the comment. Fucking obnoxious!

And a for anyone of you people out there who didn't know A&M stood for agriculture and mining. You should be ashamed of yourself!


  1. Yeah, the second you said he blogs about football, elections, and baby seats, I instantly didn't want to read it. Oh, and I didn't know what A&M stood for either. /hangs head in shame

  2. I don't hate the content, but holy crap does this thing take for-fucking-ever to load. How about limiting yourself to 2 weeks of posts, Clay? Good God, who needs to read all your shit back in August? I know Jamie Gold was important and all, and I hope he gets his ass handed to him next year, but at this point, posts on the front page about the 2K6 WSOP are SO not called for. Like I said, I don't hate the content. The template is pretty damn plain.

    I dunno, that's about how I would have graded it.

  3. Thank goodness there is someone else out there who hates that friggin' Hinder song. What the hell? Jackass cheater. Oh, and I also hate that stupid Unfaithful song by whatshername.

    But back to the blog review. Nicely set up, clean, uncluttered, slightly bland. The content isn't bad at all, but he definitely should know A&M. ;)

  4. I forgot it was tuesday again, so my review will be up a few hours late again...fuck...


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