Friday, December 08, 2006

The Garden of Good and Evil

Fireballs is back up in this biatch, mutha-effas! Back from the West Side, otherwise known as the Greatest City in America, San Diego. Good God, the weather is unbelievable there. Makes this lovely 17 degree windchill day here in the Illadelph look like it oughta be washed out with my skanktacular bathwater. But, I digress.

Today's entry is Midnight Therapy and who can't use a little of that now and then, correct? This is my first Typepad blog, and I'm going to assume that this has got to be a fairly standard black template for those fine blog-providers. First off, Crystal is extremely cute. She also posts videos on this blog and they amuse me to death. She also has a black dog, much like the ol' Balls hisownself. The template is centered, the text is white, and she clearly has some at least some minor photo-shop skillz, because I'm fairly certain that header image is self-made. I'm seriously trying to find something I don't like about this blog.

The sidebar is neatly organized, and she keeps the blogroll to a minimum. The posts go back about three weeks or so, and she hasn't rolled up anything on the sidebar, but again, the relative shortness of said sidebar doesn't interfere with the overall feel. Oh, apparently video-oriented blogs are called VLOGS? Who knew? I'm a dumbass.

Her mail page is a laugh-fucking-riot too.

Damn, she's married. Oh well, another hot female unatainable blogger, or VLOGGER in this case.

I tried my best to find something wrong with this, I really did. I don't hate white text on black background like some others do. She's wickedly funny, cute, has an organized, non-offensive template, she's got an extremely cute dog, and I can't punish her for being married. I'd like to congratulate the lucky bastard who put THAT ring on though.

I don't think I've ever given four stars before. Scary.

A quick note. If you're lurking around, you can see we're not exactly harsh with these reviews. Sometimes we can be, of course, if we get something totally douche-tastic, but for the most part, we're objective and we tell you what we like and don't like. So, the point is, my friends, if you haven't submitted, do so now. Quickly. I only have so much Christmas love in my heart. I may turn completely psycho after the new year starts.



  1. Love Love LUUURRRVE Crystal. The whole world should watch her videos and have a coke together. We'd all be a lot happier if we did.

  2. i think this makes me officially an innernet celebutante, which is just in time if you ask me.

    ...thanks y'all. (oh, and this is Crystal)


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