Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mommyblog Mafia

I seriously considered dinging this blog for mommy-blogness, but I'm rather paranoid that the minivan mafia will take out a hit on me.

The template for this blog, to put it bluntly, rocks. Great header image. Nice colors. Easy to read. I'd probably shorten both of the TWO sidebars, use some drop-down lists, etc., and get rid of the damn google ads, but aside from that, I can't complain. It's a good look. One comment, Jenn: Look at the cellpadding on your left sidebar on the left side. I think you need to set it at about 5 px so that your words don't run into the border. Also, move your archives and categories up, and your links, etc. down farther in the sidebar.

I'm so overwhelmed with cold pills and the joy of seeing a nicely put-together template that I feel practically giddy. The content, for me at least, is still kind of bleh, so work on that, Jenn. Tighten up your writing, work on being more pithy, and figure out what your blog is going to be about. But, I think some people might really enjoy it. I just need more sex, drugs, and rock/roll.

I give it two stars, mainly for the cool template:


  1. That is one awesome template. The header image is to die for.

    The ads on the side got's to go though. Christ!

  2. Woot for Jenn. Love this blog.


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