Monday, January 21, 2008

I Need An Interpreter...And A Shot

Fireballs here. Happy MLK day, for those of you that celebrate it.

Now, I don't want to get off on a rant, or anything. But, sadly, I'm going to.

Today's submission is Call Center Confidential. I dig the title, so I thought, okay, this could be good. If I understood whatever language this is written in, I might be able to enjoy it. Look, here's the thing. If you're going to submit a blog for review to us, please make sure it's in a language we can understand. Part of our reason for doing this is to review content as well as aesthetic. This content is gibberish to me, not through any fault of the author, I'm sure it's fucking brilliant if you can read it. But be smart about submitting if your blog isn't in English, because you're automatically down a few stars if I can't fucking understand it.

Secondly, this template, if you want to call it such, is an abomination. Left-justified, way too much content on the main page, and blog ads. Seriously? I don't ask for much in life, but for crying out loud, don't submit here if you don't put some type of effort into your work. I don't know whether this is a "traveler's point" template or something you built or borrowed or whatever, but just...

I think this thing has broken me. I need Patron, stat.

I have no recommendations. You don't speak English, or you don't write in it, so I can't rate the content. The template is astoundingly bad. I'm not trying to be a dick here, so I'll just ask the question. Why did you submit?


  1. There's just enough english to make me think I'm supposed to be able to read it, but there's just something wrong with my eyes...


  2. Um, yeah. But, I totally love the new rating icon. Very cool.

  3. mostly, this blog pissed me off because why submit your blog, 90% of which is in tagalog, to a bunch of Americans for review?

    I'd probably have used flaming fingers and been far more bitchy about the whole thing. fucker.

  4. So why review the blog if you don't understand it anyway? D'oh!?!
    And it seems to me you guys assumed that the owner him/herself actually submitted the blog for review. How do you make sure of that? Ah...the yes/no button in the submission form is of course fool-proof! Not.

  5. If the blog's in the queue, we review.

    Why do we have to be sure of ANYTHING? If someone clandestinely submitted MY blog for review and it got torn apart like a hairpiece in a hurricane, I'd tip my cap to the perpetrator and figure out of way to one-up him...instead, we get whiny fucks who decry the far-from-flawless-but-still-hilarious process of pseudo-helpful blog-review, Ask and Ye Shall Receive-style.

    Thanks for your feedback, John.

  6. Let's further your logic, John. If someone was trying to either have a go at the blog owner, why submit him here? Unless he plays the "Hey, look how I publicly embarrassed you." card on the blog owner. My question would then be, why? It's not like we generate a shitload of traffic or anything. The other thing is, as you can see, I was fairly nice to this person, only questioning why someone's blog, written in a language that none of us here have EVER purported to speak or understand, would need to be reviewed? I could have done what love_bites suggested above, although I wasn't particularly feeling it at the time. Believe me, though, the venom can flow.

    We don't ever check to see if someone submitted themselves. We shouldn't have to, as we're not paid for doing this, and basically, it's a fun endeavor for us as critics and whatnot. We're not in it to be dicks (most of the time, anyway). We've given fair reviews and potentially unfair ones, you'd have to decide for yourself. But if something is submitted, we review it. Bottom line, end of story.

    If that isn't good enough for you, perhaps you should seek your internet amusement in other places.

  7. @ Ballsy One & Nutjobber: Beautiful responses!

    I thought the review was more than fair. You skewered him on template (which is the Universal Language here, John). I did the same thing as NJ - skimmed to the English parts and wondered how the fuck Babel Fish had staged a coup of my monitor.

  8. I fucking hate anonymous internet weenies.

    If you didn't submit your blog for review (and I don't buy that for a second), then I'd be searching down and beating the smack out of the person who did.


    The blog was submitted by;

    IP address:

    Ryan writes about his blog:
    Mostly gossip talked about in my office. Some are about my experiences in life and love. I started this blog out of sheer boredom. But my officemates started requesting for more entries so... what's a guy to do, right?

    FYI, I'm not a techie. So I used Travellerspoint because it's easier to use and our IT department won't block it from our PC's.

    It appears that Ryan can in fact speak and type English when he so desires.

    So, have fun with that.

    Fucking wanker.


Grow a pair.