Thursday, January 10, 2008

Teetering on Tedium

Welcome to Nothing To Show But This Brand New Tattoo.


All right - the template’s peachy, literally, and the author, a Woman Whom I’ll Assume Is "Peg" (WWIAIP - more on that later) seems like a genuinely nice person.

I, however, am not...and though I‘m not feeling particularly nasty, this thing just wears me out. Post after post after post, 30 (!) on the main page, and I’m slogging through the shit like I’m attempting an underground escape from prison.

This thing takes for-fucking-EVER to load - reviewing this blog is like being forced to watch Rush Hour 3 and having it just stop for minutes at a time for no reason: I don’t want to watch the fucking thing in the first place, and now I’ve got to be patient with it?


There’s reminiscing, road trips, some talk of a lost phone she never answered, 6 baby pictures, a poem written by her husband that is illegible because it’s posted in yellow letters on a light-peach background (unfortunate, because it, apparently, "cracked Marci and [WWIAIP] right the fuck up"), some religious stuff, a disclosure policy stating that the author will be advertising something (which may or may not explain the "Barbie" pictures up top), an x-mas poem, a video, a baby picture, some gossip, some more at least pseudo-religious stuff, another 3 baby pictures, an itinerary, and an in-depth analysis of foot-fungus - pictures provided.

Apparently, this thing used to be called "Bundy’s Paradise" (as in the Married with Children Bundy's, but with "white sand beaches at [the] back door"), hence the husband "Al", the daughter "Kelly", the friend "Marci", and my earlier assumption as to the WWIAIP...

That’s cute and all, but it doesn’t save me from feeling like I’m wearing 4 lifejackets full of rapidly-hardening concrete while trying to write this review; this thing’s not horrendous, by any stretch, just boring - incredibly boring - and I’m sinking into my chair under the burden of finishing off this review.

It’s not my cuppa coffee, but I like my coffee a little hotter than most.



  1. Thank you for making it through my blog.

    I'm not a spicy person, but I can see where it appears to be a little bit bland.

    I'll take your comments and hopefully make something work from it.


  2. I couldn't even get her site to load...but you did warn me...I just wanted to read to po-em...


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