Friday, February 22, 2008

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world

Oh, god. Another Indian emo blog. But wait...don't click away, yet.

This is a blog with an incredibly ugly template that in no way fits the content and literally makes my eyes hurt. Sohini: I'd suggest something like this since you obviously like feminine colors.

This blog has far too many gadgets, and looks like a teenager put it together while heavily under the influence of mycrack.

This blog has too many memes and short stories that lack proper grammar and a sense of cohesion.

But, oh, you should go there anyway. Because, in all the roughness and teenageness and disorder, there are words to set a soul free.


More. Poetry. Please. You have a gift. Do not take it for granted, and don't bury these pearls in a pile of memeish dung and sudoku. Clean everything away except for your poems, and display them, like the jewels they are. And, call this blog what it is: "Mad Girl's Love Song."

So, we said no more Indian Emo Kid blogs. But, I had to give you, our readers, this gift, because Sohini is a voice the world should hear.


  1. Lovely words. God-awful design.

  2. Nice blog! must say.
    Interesting read.

    Happy writing! :)


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