Monday, May 05, 2008

All Apologies

Nutjobber's e-mail hates me. And, apparently, I was too busy having sex with my boyfriend to notice. We'll have a new review up soon.

Until then, go check out Widow for One Year's new blog template, and leave her a nice comment.

And, LoveyH has redone her fugly template, too, and written a ballsy blog post. Go give her some love. The nice kind, pervs.

This week's victims:

Also: If you have submitted your blog for review, the current wait time is about 7 weeks. But, just like Disneyland, it's generally worth the wait. Especially if you like pain.


  1. My sense of entitlement can beat up their senses of entitlement.

    I deserve a place at the front of the line. A nice shady place, with attractive young men serving me sweet, cool beverages and scouring the excess skin from the pads of my feet.

    Gimme. Just gimme.

  2. If you think that was a ballsy post, you must have actually had your brains fucked out this weekend.

    I strongly disagree. It's another list of random facts about her without any realistic lense to interpret them through. It's another silly charter of experiences without any of the emotions of the experience themselves.

    If she's materialistic with one thing, it's labels and life experiences - she turns them into commodities and hoards them like she hoards everything else.

    Stop encouraging her nonsense.

    ~ Driz

  3. I agree with Driz.

    Not because I read the diatribe but because the comment made me laugh.

    That post is too fucking long and authored at the department of redundancy department.

    The week ahead looks bleak.

  4. Oh my.

    You do need to skip everything and get to rationreality.

    Bagel, your sense of entitlement is hilarious.

  5. I met Bagel's sense of entitlement. It's rather, um, entitled.

  6. No new review was bad enough. But no quote of the week either?


  7. I'm sorry, y'all, I'm in lovely Birmingham, Alabama, with sporadic internet service. Will try to do quote next week.

  8. i'm really scared, please let me know if i should be wearing a diaper at the time of reading. lol


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