Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The male of the species

Here's where I admit a personal bias: I don't read a lot of blogs by men. Time was I had almost nothing but male friends, and I couldn't relate to women at all, catty, competitive, mercurial creatures that we are. But times change, and I changed, and eventually I forgot about most men in favor of one man with his magic hands and silly laugh and grumpiness. I kind of forgot you all existed outside of eye candy and literature. Then Jubblies and Booty came along and I realized I'd been missing out.

When I landed on People in the Sun, I thought, "Great. A dude. I'm so not going to get him." But I'm a total idiot because I started reading and I couldn't stop. I turned around and went right back to the beginning and read pretty much every post. Because this guy is, above all things, interesting. The writing is evocative and thoughtful and some of it is pretty gorgeous. He says things like, "My grandfather had this big white beard that made words disappear" and "I want Jon Stewart to try to understand my world view in five minutes."And he's funny. Really funny.

I did find myself skimming the political bits (even though I mostly agree with him), which disappoints me. Once upon a time I'd have dug right in. Is this what apathy looks like?

He owns the cutest damn dogs (aside from my own four mutts). And he lives in Baltimore, a strange little microcosm of bizarre dialects and eclectic weirdness that I know all too well. Man, is there a lot to blog about in Baltimore, or what?

As for the design, roll up archives, please. The template makes my eyes hurt what with all the overlapping text. I could go for some black or dark type on a light background. And there's that odd switch in text size Blogger seems to do willy-nilly. Maybe include the graphic of "People in the Sun" toward the top since that's, you know, the blog title. Right now it's hanging out down there at the bottom being all reclusive and shy and purposeless. The tag cloud bugs me for no good reason. Can't you just give us categories and roll those up? And I'm partial to an "About Me" page. Otherwise, at least there are no blinkies or blings.

I get that you're a new dad and there's lots going on and you're not going to load us up with filler in your blog. I respect that. Hell, I applaud it. But I still want more. If you posted more than once a week (and if you tarted up your design a bit) I'd fucking love you. As it is


  1. I did'nt realise this was in the review pipeline.

    I've been reading him for a while and I really really really like this guy.

    The best way I can describe his entries is that you learn a little bit about him every time.
    Not what he watches on telly or has for lunch, but you get an idea of the person.

    There are times I wish he'd go just that little bit deeper, I just have this feeling he has more to tell every time.
    Although maybe that's the beauty, he gives JUST enough without having a staple in his navel.

    He'd make a great dinner guest.

    The black background & yellow text makes my tits itch but somehow it doesn't matter so much.

  2. Calamity hits the mark every single time.

    The same things that bother her about his template bother me, too. But I have the pleasure of not being in the position of having to offer advice, so I get to completely ignore that!

    I fucking love this blog!

    Exactly, Xbox. He's a complete tease. You just KNOW there's more to him, but he keeps holding out. Freaking turns me on.

    I love this blog. I really do. *heart warmning sniffle*

  3. Xbox, I would absolutely invite him to dinner. Well, if I ever invited anyone over to the cesspit that is our home, which I don't, but whatever.

    Angel, he's totally holding back. I should have mentioned that. But I was so engrossed in what he was saying I forgot. ;)

  4. You just know he's the kind of guy who'd drop "this one time, while I was being held captive by terrorists", or "during the 18 months I lived in Antarctica", or "just before my sex change" into a conversation about tea bags or melons or some such.

  5. I quite like this blog, but not nearly as much as I like being name-checked by Calamity.

    I feel like Ben Affleck in Chasing Amy. Hell, let's just say that I'm feeling "Afflecky" and see how that gets interpreted...

  6. I'm conveniently ignoring the fact I wasn't name checked by her...

  7. "Afflecky" just makes me think of the duck in the insurance commercials. Do you quack, oh Nutty one?

    Xbox, I can TOTALLY see him doing that! "So I ate this great burger last week, but it didn't stay down long, what with the climb up Mt. Everest and all.".

  8. If squeezed hard enough, yes, Angel, I quack.

    Of course, by "hard enough" I mean "at all".

  9. Oh, Christ on a crutch, this day just keeps getting better and better. Fuck you Blogger and the horse you rode in on for losing my comment!!!!!


    Xbox, I just slammed my hand in a door in recompense for not listing you as a masculine influence. Mea culpa.

    Nut, as long as you're channeling Affleck in a directorial sense, we're fine. But if you're channeling Affleck the "actor," you're beyond my help.

  10. well even I would have to admit calling me a 'masculine influence' would be pushing the boundaries of snigger-into-your-sleeve-dom

  11. Maybe I'll channel Casey Affleck, and we could take turns marvelling at how I got the acting talent while big Ben got the hair...and the wherewithal to take on Gigli.

  12. I like this blog!!!

    You really can't get to much male influence.

  13. Thank you. That was really cool of you. You went all the way to the beginning of the blog, and you linked to old posts--really, I don't know what to say.

    Let me try by going over the bad stuff, which prevented you from fucking loving me.

    Honestly, I thought my template was beautiful. How crazy is that? I thought I was being zen. But you're right. And I definitely didn't want to harm Xbox's sensitive tits in any way. I'll work on that. Maybe I'll get my sister to help me. She made the header. She's the talented one (Sorry, the text is in Hebrew). I'll try.

    And every once in a while I want to write more, but I'm scared of the blog becoming a What I Think About My Toothbrush and What Funny Thing My Kid Did Today kind of blog.

    But on the other hand, posting once a week makes me afraid to write, because then I feel I have to live up to standards I set for myself. It's a vicious, mean circle. But I'll try to post more often. Thanks.

    So, blog more often, clearer template, less overwhelming tag cloud. It will be done. Eventually.

    And just one other thing. It's nice that you and others feel I reveal myself slowly, but there's really not much there. Hmm. I do find out a little bit about myself with time, but I feel I don't have too many stories left in me.

    There's my other grandfather's story, more insane London roommates, oh yes, beating up a friend of mine with a loaded gun in Lebanon... Damn, there's really not that much left.

    And about the dinner thing, I wrote before about my dread of meeting in person someone I met online, because they are bound to be disappointed. I remember discovering the word Introvert and thinking how well it suited me. Doctors thought I was autistic as a child, so I guess I'm making progress.

    Thanks everyone who came over and commented here and there, and I hope you stick around. Who knows? Maybe I'll write a post about how much I hate 1-800-Flowers!!! And I'll definitely write a post about this review. And more about the military. Maybe about shaving my down-to-my-hips hair the day after I saw Trainspotting, not realizing my hair would never grow back.

    And there will be more Pit Bulls. And more baby. I mean, this guy is cute.

  14. Wow, it's a Daddy Blog week!
    I love this guy. This is exactly what I want from my guy Greg. Are you paying attention Greg?


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