Sunday, June 01, 2008

List of willing victims

Doc's Domain

Sisters of a Different Order

Michigan Rafter

The Cheek of God



  1. ....Hmmmm...intersting, one or two of those at least.

  2. there a chance that blogs are being submitted by someone other than their owners? Because some of these things are not like the others...

  3. I'm actually wondering that, too. I've been reading the submitted blogs for this week, and I'm completely confused if a couple of them were submitted by their owners.

    If so, there are some really brave people on the internet these days.

  4. I submitted my blog a couple months ago after seeing a friend's blog reviewed on your site. I had just started blogging at that time and was looking for some feedback.

    My blog has come a long way since that time and, honestly, I had completely forgotten that I'd submitted it until I saw like a zillion hits today that led me here.

    So, yeah, fire away. While I blog for myself, I do appreciate comments and helpful suggestions. Enjoy . . .

  5. I wonder if Doc submitted herself?

    Also, why aren't I listed over there with the top rated blogs.

    It's not that I'm a narcissist.... but I really like to see myself.

  6. why? because i am buried in work. And, when I"m not, I'm trying to have a life. It will get updated when it gets updated. God, ya'll, i did this list in bed, naked with my boyfriend, ostensibly on vacation. Do you think he appreciated that? The answer would be...not so much.

  7. Oh dear.

    I didn't mean to offend. You should think about getting married. Then you can play tennis instead of work and get laid without foreplay.

    You'd have more time to write about how wonderful I am if you were married.

    Alas, I'm late for my round robin.

  8. Don't get married. Lesbians do it all the time, then sex without foreplay becomes "lesbian bed death". Ew.

  9. Don't you see, Love Bites? For those of us not having purposeless sex, THIS IS ALL WE'VE GOT!!! Our names. On a list. (I'll be sobbing in a corner if anyone needs me.)

  10. Omg, this is cracking me up! You really can skip the foreplay when you're married, although if its mutual its a lot more fullfilling. :)

  11. I can't figure out if my sex is purposeless or not.

    and by that I mean my humping, not my gender as a whole.

  12. All I'm having is an allergic reaction to cleverness. Lame.


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