Monday, July 07, 2008

Upcoming reviews

Abandoned Stuff
Fashion Police Files
Wyrllwynd of Dysfunction
Du Wax Loolu
Single for a Reason

Brave or stupid? You tell me.


  1. Hmm.

    Totally not sure yet. Maybe some of both?

  2. I like DWL, but she has a tendency to be whiny.

  3. I've bought new shoes for this one.

  4. Oh nos!

    I spy three columns, bad writing, puppy pictures and posts that never really get to the point.

    Methinks it's gonna suck.

  5. I'm anticipating a blood bath, but I've been wrong before.

  6. does abandonedstuff include the fucking review then...

  7. Apparently, Xbox. Someone had to get a passport today instead of writing a review.


    But then, who am I to say anything when I have been slacking the past couple of months due to life?

  8. Unless the passport had to be illegally procured through a whirlwind adventure involving a one eyed Russian and 3 Chinese prostitutes in the back alleys of Prague, there's no fucking excuse.


  9. Well, I know for a fact that the boy in question loves a spanking. Or giving one. I forget which.

  10. Passport shmassport, bring on the slaughter.

  11. Fuck "today" - it took me three full days to get the whole thing completed... goddamn bureaucrats.

    Of course, I was dodging Chinese prostitutes and gouging the remaining eye out of some Russian's head while doing so, but you know what they say: you can't break an omelet without making it with a few dregs.

    Christ all fucking mighty - isn't everyone glad I'm back with this fistful of nonsense?

  12. I am so, so glad, but forget the fist, it's your magnificent man meat that I worship adoringly. Tell me more about your adventures with those chinese she-bitches.

  13. Ah, yes: the asian she-beast, the most cunning of the sex-worker-clan, armed & ever-ready with a cavalcade of poison-nailed cat-scratches and underwhelming attempts at oral-sex...luckily, I blinded them with a strobe-light water-cannon that I purchased from a hunchback in Helsinki and sidestepped them as though they were nothing more than ink-spots on the road.

    Once again, the day was mine! Sadly, these she-beasts wouldn't accept my victory, and I was forced to blast them with the simple-syrup I had loaded into the aforementioned water-cannon, coating them stickily with sugar-water, and, to my knowledge, they are there to this day, sweetly-stuck to a grimy part on the sidewalk where they attempted to dissuade your hero from procuring his passport.

    Let us dance!


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