Monday, September 01, 2008

List of Voluntary Masochism

Jillie - "Bite Me"

Honey Pie - "Stuff that happened/ is happening to and around me."

Post Picket Fence - "What Happens After Suburbia Happens to a Girl Who Thought It Would Never Happen to Her."

The Incredible Woody - Does that sound like the promise of penis? There better be some damn penis in this blog, that's all I have to say.

Cardiogirl - "Sometimes I wish I had a stable of multiple personalities to deal with life's trials. Gigi would take care of the house, Beverly would nanny the kids and Ghostface Killah would deal with my extended family."


  1. LB, were you in New York this weekend, doing stand-up at the Times Square Arts Center? Because there was this woman who did that, and she sounded exactly like you would have, you had been a comic.

  2. cardiogirl's blurb here on your site got me interested, but then when i arrived at her blog i couldn't find the corresponding post.

    that's my unsolicited review.

    her blurb was funny and enticing, though. too bad.

  3. Holy Fucking Christ. Have fun this week, I have nothing good to say about any of these blogs. This might be a great week after all.

  4. I like Ms. Picket - not that you asked.

  5. Yawn.

    Followed by Meh

    And one of them I'd give a few stars to, but not too many... and really it's out of pity.

  6. Hi gap,

    That post is under Pages (under the graphic of Cardiogirl). It's the Bio/About Cardiogirl.

  7. After these comments, I know I have a lot of work to do!!

  8. Crap. I need a new blog.

  9. In other news, I made the top twelve at the Hot Blogger Calendar. So hooray for me and fuck you.


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