Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rollin With My Homies

There is something about people from the midwest. We rock, y'all. We are more blunt, more funny, more cool, more loyal, more bettah than people from anywhere else (except my homegirl, Cal, from the TLH).

Up today is The Friggin Cat House. Imagine my joy when I realized that she's from my hometown, the place where they know how to smoke a brisket, the place where the sports teams always break our hearts, the place where the muddy Mo flows. Hell yeah.

This is a blog that encompasses all of my favorite things: Sports, cats, smartassery, and voodoo poonanny. Sometimes, all in a single post.

I don't know if I'd say this is well-written. It probably isn't. I mean, the posts sometimes have no point at all, and really, they probably should. But I like her voice. It sounds, like most other voices of people from the midwest...GENUINE.

I would totally hang out with and be friends with this woman, if she relocated to Florida. I think she's funny. I also like her ethics.

What I don't like is her blog design. First, the title...I don't like it. You probably don't change things like that just for me, but damn the world would work better if people would just let me do what I'm best at and be the dictator of everything.

The template...meh. I think you need to clean up your sidebar and move most of that shit behind tabs, just like you've done with your about me and your cast of characters. You don't need a calendar AND a drop-down archives button. It's redundant. The pictures are fine, but the design itself is pretty meh. I swear I've seen at least 7,935 blogs with this same layout, at the very least.

Maybe Cal can give you some design tips since I think she uses wordpress, as well. Or go here or here and find something that smacks of personality. I like the pics of your cat, but the rest is simply too plain for eating oatmeal with no milk or sugar.

I like this blog, and I like this blogger, and I'd like to get her drunk and see what I could dare her to do as long as neither of us got caught on film. I think the posts need a bit more polishing and the template needs work, but I definitely like her.


  1. Um yeah, my heart is constantly broken being a Royals fan.

    Thanks for the love.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Love Bites. I want to get your drunk and see what I can get on film.

  3. In the first paragraph of the first post I saw, the blog author says "whole other" instead of "whole nother." I instantly sat up straighter.

    (thanks for the love, babe. My beloved Midwest is more often overlooked than white middle-class protestant men. Thanks for shining the light on us.)

  4. One more thing. Just found this, on her first post:

    "I love writers who can sweep me into a story without hitting me with the broom."


  5. Thanks for the review - I think I fared a little better this time :)

    I'm working on being more open with my posts. It's not as easy as some make it look. Try Choices and Act as if

    I'll fly down and buy you a drink soon - I'm freezing my ass off!

  6. Oh .. the title. I had a cat that I called "the fucking cat." So when I moved to wordress I thought it would be a funny play on words to call it The Fucking Cat House. But I couldn't bring myself to put "fuck" in the title, so I made it Friggin Sorry.

  7. Oh, LB, you say the sweetest things. I'm honored.

    So when I first took a look at this, I thought my roommate had started a secret blog. I was like, "okay, check, obsessive pictures of Panther the cat, snark about Blagojavich, use of the word 'tool,' is a Capricorn, has a jaded distaste for everything..."

    So obviously, I find Cap enjoyable, because my roommate is destined to become her.


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