Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Come on baby, I didn't mean it. Don't leave me hanging.

This week, I've been met with an almost constant flow of inspiration and creativity surging through my being. There may possibly be an undercurrent of booze with that, but let's not discuss such things. Mostly, because then I'd have to admit I could have a problem. Oh and it's not polite in mixed company.

Back to that flow of inspiration. I'm finding that today I'm a tad drained. The creativity I've put forth this week has left me wrung out and feeling just a smidge like the dried up, musty sponge that is currently adorning my kitchen sink. Along with a few crumbs from the frozen pizza I devoured last night.

So here I am, feeling used up, tired and lacking in inspiration, when I've been given this to review. My first thought is, I wonder if she feels the same way, because she hasn't posted in a month. And, this is the second time I've had to review someone that has done that.

My sincerest wish is that she does not feel that way and that her hiatus is simply because she is uber busy taking gorgeous pictures while setting the world on fire with her wit and charm. Because, Death Chick? I kinda love you.

Sassy and smart, she kept me reading and reading and reading.

If I'm going to nitpick here, she can tend to be a little verbose with her posts sometimes tending to be on the long side of the law. (Ha, see what I did there? Ahem.) I actually don't mind, but you know, it's Short Attention Span Theater out there in the internets.

Her 'About Me', however, could be a little more verbose. It's short and to the point, which ain't a bad thing, I would just like more of a hook. How long have you been married? How many kids? Why are you writing? Why should we read? Is it the mortuary school? Her archives need to be rolled up, as they go back over two years. Otherwise, I think the template is a winnah!

What I'm saying here is, Death Chick, come back to me. You're funny and creative, the world needs more of that. Which is why I'm giving you four of these dudes:

Come back to me, I'm begging you, please. I won't be mean anymore.


  1. I really, really enjoyed her site until I realized she hadn't posted in a month. For shame! I hope she comes back. The blog world needs more like her.

    Good week this week, eh?

  2. Vivian VonDoom6/17/2009 11:33 AM

    Why can't every week be like this?

    She was so much fun. If she doesn't come back, I'll be forced to seek out good stuff on the dark, mean streets where not everyone is so nice or cares.

    Then you'll see me on TV. All hoed out and sad.

  3. I like her skeleton! Her pictures are great.

    Maybe her kids stored her in the basement after they found her hanging.

    I too, hope she returns soon

  4. I like the weeks where no one gets hated on.

  5. Do me tomorrow plz, I cant go a full week without anger and bile.

  6. I thought this was something like them Suicide Chicks. Mmmm those are good.

  7. I like those as well. You don't have to stop calling them, they do. Eventually.

  8. I puffy pink <3 her. AND she is in Mortuary school, which I have wanted to do for sooooo long and just havent found a way yet.

  9. Now there's a recession-proof industry, right?

  10. So is whoredom, just wanted to say whoredom.

  11. Yea, I'd imagine both trades will be around for a while.

  12. We're all whores. We sell our time and skills for money.

    We're all going to die.

    I need a drink.

  13. Well fuck this! If I'm a whore, I want better pay!

  14. Yeah, Death Chick. You better come back. If you don't? Well, you're missing out on the uber sexy VDoom and that would make you a giant tard in need of an ass whippin'.
    Oh, and I would never bake you any pumpkin muffins.

  15. very cool. she lives close to me. I might make a friend. yes i'm a dork. love it baby.

  16. Loved her after that first wander-off-with-a-stranger post. How could I not have a fondness for someone who shares my foolishly risky behavior? She's fun. I want to see more. (Ok, not that I've been posting much lately, but I haven't let it go a whole month or anything.


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