Monday, July 12, 2010

More Like Trans-Siberian DORKestra

You think any of these bloggers could embody neoclassical prog rock? Yeah, prolly not.

Bit every single one of them has posted in this fine month of July. They are living, breathing, consistently updated blogs.


  1. Oh. My.

    A Mom. Who's "crazy."

    I predict that this will go well.

  2. But who's crazy? The Mom or the Tats? Time will tell.

  3. She doesn't HAVE tats. Tatting is something she does...

    How fucking crazy is THAT? Oh, mom, you nut, you!

  4. Oh--one of my new faves is in there. And it ain't the tat woman.

  5. That's the second time I've typed "ain't" in 24 hours. Must stop promoting Southern stereotypes.

  6. eeep. i am in the queue!

  7. Breathing blogs? Mr LS will be pleased.

    I am not grabbed by any (cept Blog Less Read which seemed well written)immediately. But I trust the AAYSR minions to do all the hard work and find the good/bad stuff for me, remarking upon it trademark snort-inducing style.

    Someone should pay those guys.

    I wasn't volunteering.

    Unless I win the lottery.


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