Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mungo Writes Blah

BLOG: Mungo Says Bah

AUTHOR: Mungo – from Canada, by way of England. Married with one child. Works in IT. But none of this is what Mungo’s “Bah” means. Mungo writes about camping and bushcraft, tramping through the out-of-doors, if you will.

Full disclosure. For me, “camping” means that the hotel doesn’t have HBO. For me, “survival training” means that I know how to navigate inner-city streets without getting trapped in a conversation with a panhandler trying to bum Ripple money off me.

Oh sure, when I was a kid, I’d go into the woods with a sleeping bag and a tent and “camp,” but if I needed to take a crap, I was well within walking distance of indoor plumbing, and anything I ate was brought from home.

So I guess you can imagine that someone who’s blog topic diagram looks like this:

might have precious little to offer me. And in general you’d be right. Especially given the fact that Mungo does very little actual writing. He’ll tweet the shit out of you, and then make sure you didn’t miss any of those tweets by reposting them all as blog posts, but the actual blog writing is few and far between.

And yeah, I’m not interested in any Twitter Posting Round ups, or whatever you call them.

When he does write, it seems to be relegated to one of the following topics:

The writing is clear and straightforward. He is occasionally witty or self deprecating, but it doesn’t seem that his goal is for this to be a very personal blog. He occasionally talks about his family, but mostly only in the context of “Here’s my son. I want to teach him about all of this nature.

Bottom line – if you are the type of person who likes bushcraft or camping, or even just enjoys spending hours in front of nature documentaries, you’ll probably really enjoy this blog. When he actually fucking writes something rather than recycling something old. For me, Mungo Says Bah was mostly Mungo is Blah.

With one exception.

The nature photography. Which was stunning. Like coffee-table book good. If you’re into such things. Which I sort of am. The people photos? Not so interesting. The photos of people on his blog lack the depth and vividness of his nature photos. The people don’t stand out from the background – the plants and animals do.

So for the near constant twitter recaps, I am giving you a Short Bus. That's annoying. Please stop doing that.

For the writing you actually do, along with your portrait photography, I am giving you a “Meh.” From another reviewer, or someone into these subjects, you’d probably have faired better. But you got me. Suck it.

And, last but not least, for your nature photography, and your nature photography alone, I am going to hand out my very first ever I Fucking Love You.

Weird, huh?

Unfortunately for you, when you average it all together, all those twitter regurgitations really drag your GPA down leaving you with an OVERALL rating of just one star.


  1. Oh, he _wrote_ in this blog too? I just ignored the writing because there were all these twitter re-posts...
    Those picture are fantastic, though.

    In sum, I agree.

  2. And I fucking love you too for complimenting my nature photos! Yes. My people photos suck. Yes, my writing is sparse and infrequent - but 'Meh'? Humph... Fine. I'm not hurt. Sniff.

    Yes, my twitter postings are crappily-super-irritating and annoying and I'd hate anyone if they did it too and they are intended mostly to get traffic and now I will reconsider being such a schmuck for doing such schmucky traffic-begging shit.


  3. Mungo. No, I'm not starting a note to Mungo. I just needed to type it: M.u.n.g.o.

    The nature photography is quite good. Nice review Scorpio.

    Also? I've always thought of bushcraft as what it is that I do when I'm giving my lady area a little trim and am making sure everything is done symetrically.

  4. I am going to do my next review as a Twitter length post and then repost it here.

  5. I hope you do, Miss.
    It would give me such happiness that I would make the next dry hump I give you ultra slow motion and double erotic.

  6. I fucking hate twitter. I mean, the word twitter.

  7. You know what I hate? Every single fucking name of every single "cool" Internet social media tool out there. I hate MySpace. I hate Twitter. (I hate "tweet"s more than Twitter though.) I hate the term "blog." I hate Google. I hate Facebook. I hate CRM. I hate ROI. I hate proactive. I hate dialoging about something. I hate "e"-anything. I hate "i"Anything.

    Marketing is filled with people who think we're idiots who will drool over any stupidly named bauble they come up with.

    If you are in marketing and are offended by what I just wrote -- GOOD. Nice to see my words have impact somewhere.

  8. Fungo Wah. Did not enjoy.

    Did enjoy review though.

  9. I hate it when the word 'tool' is used to call someone an asshole.
    A crow bar is a tool. A mighty and beautiful tool.
    How dare anyone associate it with an asshole.

  10. I'm actually very grateful for Facebook, and I thank god it was invented. Daily.

    Because now, you see, no one forwards me shitty spam emails with punctuation marks shaped into angels.

  11. You're laughing now, but after the bomb, when you'll beg Mungo to tell you which mushroom is edible, he'll tell you where you can stick that bus! (Thank God it's a short one.)

  12. People in the Sun = verrrrrry funny! I admit I sometimes think of what kind of yahoos we're going to have to deal with out here in our little self sustained world if 'The Big One' drops. I'll be using my crow bar more than ever.


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