Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Wanna Take You to a Gay Bar

Whenever I write on my own blog I try to tell true stories.  Sometimes I'm the main character, sometimes I'm trying to properly convey the character of someone I know or someone I met standing in line at the auto pound.  Sometimes I succeed.  Sometimes I fail.   But my biggest concern, whenever I post anything--here or elsewhere--is can I prove to the internet that this person is flesh with feelings? 

It's obvious that Cal, a glib little British puppy who's nearly 21, is also trying to creep into the world of storytellers.  Reading his blog is like window shopping at Christmas.  It's all snapshots of silliness and droll, nimble conversations lightly peppered with some distancing snark and I usually finished each post feeling glad but a bit lonely.  There's very little scandal going on, unless you count being in a healthy homosexual relationship a scandal, like those assholes up in Wisconsin. I like him.  I really, really like him.  I even like his template, except for the centered column. 

Cal's writing is calm and honest, conversational and hopeful, all about having good friends and goofy parents, and just...being twenty.  Being twenty was awesome, wasn't it?  The world is just spread out there for you, all shiny and rippled and just waiting to be fucked, and you haven't screwed anything up yet by falling into unflattering light.

The (Not So) Fabulous Life of Cal never really dives into raw emotion, but love is lingering in the alcoves.  The main difference between Cal's writing and other blogs that focus on light daily life stories is the fact that he's not trying to impress readers with individuality and sassy banter.  Of course there is sassy banter, but it's just friends dicking around.  It comes across as more of a tribute to the people he loves. That's fucking valid.

The last couple of months on the blog are stretched like a chore.  And that's my main criticism of Cal's blog: I was hoping his storytelling and characters would grow and develop, I was hoping to read about new jobs and uncharted waters and becoming an adult.

But he hasn't written on the blog since February, which is a big fat bummer.  I want to know what he's up to.  I want to introduce him to my friend's little brother, so Cal can show him a young, positive role model. 


I don't know what's going on.  I like everyone lately.  Maybe I'm growing.  



    I dig it. It's one of the blogs that lets me see into the life I would have were it not for crippling social anxiety.

    Though I undig the bright-orange-on-dull-magenta colour theme. Colour theory can suck my cocks.

  2. He's cute as a button.

  3. He is sweet! I want to know if he will be (or is!) studying in America. Where are you Cal?

  4. You disappoint me Shinerpunch. :(

  5. Hey there
    If you were wondering, maybe not but if so, the reason he hasn't been building his blog is because in the last couple of months he has been busy finishing his degree, getting proposed to and now he's teaching in Italy amongst other thing which I am sure he will post as blogs in the future :).

    Cheers for giving him such a review!

    Cal's Fiancé Lee xx

  6. Congrats, sir, and tell your fiance well done and work it.

  7. All that cunt mother of his ever did was arrange the telepathic raping of the daughters of Orange County (and whatever university he attended)


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