Our scale of terrific-ness. You can get from one to four stars of finger bangin’ love.
Our scale of fucking die. You may receive a hunk of burning hate that ranges from from the slight tingle of a single finger to four fingers burning you at the stake. For shame, you asshole!
We meant to rate you, really we did, but we fell asleep reading your shit. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. snore.
You blog, therefore you’re introspective and cool. You’re cultured and worldly and you obviously have every right to besmirch the web with your crap. Uh, not really, poseur.
If you need this explained, well, get the fuck on board and we’ll give you your helmet shortly.
Four stars couldn’t do you justice! You rock it like a hurricane, and if you’re single, we’d love to do you doggy style. Rawr!
Move away from the keyboard, slowly, and no one will get hurt.