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Abercrombie Wearing Blog Poseurs
All the Cool Girls are Lesbians
the anti-humour
as tight as my dead granny's snatch
Bloggers Who Belong on Myspace
blogs I want to fuck
Buy a Vowel
Can I go outside and play now?
Close But No Cigar
C'mon man, what the fuck?
Coma-Inducing Snoozefests
Cool Moms
Die in a Flaming Finger Inferno
Doing it wrong
dude you're a dick
for fuck's sake, what were you thinking?
Fuck Off and Die
fugly templates from hell
Genital Sores
Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth, I'm Kissing You Goodbye
gimp orgies
Guest Reviewer
Have a Lolly

hen parties
Hideous Template of Doom
I'm Not Always a Bitch
Indian Emo Kids
I Want a Dildo On My Head
Mommyblogs from Hell
Money-Grubbing Whores
my vagina is depressed
not my cuppa
pap smears
Pepto Bismal Pink
poets who cut themselves to take away the sadness
Quote of the Week
rat poisen
Short Bus
shut up, science is sexy
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
when mommyblogs attack
whiny little bitches
Widget orgy
You can't just give me the tip.
you know you want my flaming fingers
You need a spanking

Forcemeat the Clown (rtd)
Madame Bellicose
Scorpio Woperchild

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Praying to Darwin
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