Saturday, June 10, 2006

big words make you look like a douchebag.

The blog is called "I don't know how long I can hold my heart in two" , I say it should be "Look ma! I found a dictionary!"

Start with the basics: the template is really simple. no links, no insanely long sidebar, no nothing. Just a brief description of what the blog is all about-which I think may be should be in a different lay out then centered in the sidebar, but html is a mother fucker and I wholeheartedly understand that. The colors are aesthetically pleasing in that "I am about as adventurous as mixing it up with a grilled chicken dish instead of my signature chicken sandwich" kind of way, but I think the author was going for a notebook appeal. Plain, no frills, and to the point with the template. The post entitled "Please make it better, please make it go away" has a color issue seeing as the last line of the poem is pretty much unreadable unless you want to incur some kind of migraine headache to figure out what it is...or just highlight it with your mouse. Whichever. Oh! and scroll down archives are the shit, so props for using that and not cluttering up your sidebar with the longevity of your writing crusades. Well done!

The reason I say the author may be going for a notebook appeal is that the basic premise of the blog is to get back into a writing groove that he/she/it seemed to have lost. It's kind of cool that they decided to make their experiment of sorts open to the public (granted, it seems like no one really reads it, but hey..we've all been there huh?), and it's also kind of cool that they are trying to get back into something that they love. Admirable, to say the least.

The entries vary in style and form. There are some poems, some stories, some random shit, and the most recent post is a seemingly non-fictional rant that is just way too bitter to be completely fictional. It's highly relatable if you're female though. I've found myself in the last-resort position of aesthetic and persoanlity overhaul, and I know most women have. Dating sucks, preach on my sister/brother/it-thing. Hoo-Hah.

The writing isn't bad. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's pointless, most of the time it's rather decent. The post entitled "A rose for the dead" was my particular favorite of the batch. As always, total bonus points for being able to spell, using grammatical cues properly, and being able to distinguish you're from your, their from there or they're...basically, kudos for not being a fucking idiot concerning the English language.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you find whatever it is you hope to find with this little skidmark in blogland. I give it:

and one more for being the first to submit.

submit already!

pussies! all of you!


  1. This guy enjoys every fuckin bit of it/blog/thing. How do you start off with the dig "Look ma! I found a dictionary!" and end with kudos for not murdering the english language?

    2 out of 4.
    Where's your blog?
    I'd like to visit ya!

  2. This blog sucks!
    Wanna be, copy cat.
    Why don't you grow an original idea. Oh, and why don't you change this to a black template if you love them so fucking much, hmmm?

  3. Why don't you grow an original idea.

    Are you one of the ones that uses a stolen image as an avatar? Please note the pin-ups here and try to figure out which stolen image belongs to which online personality.

  4. I'm anonymous...because, heck, I choose to be anonymous...not that I have anything to hide. But I like this site, as 'unoriginal' as it seems. I give much props to the owner of this place.

    Hey, it kicks some serious ass without all the hypocritcal shit that another site has.

    Preach on 1239!

  5. It's not "stolen" when it's for personal use, dumbass.
    It's "stolen" when you use it in a site that sells something or you use it in a design you sell.

  6. Um, dumbass, when the image is copyrighted by the artist, who is selling them, and used without permission it is theft.


  7. Yeah, you can just read about all the lawsuits poring in over avatars, can't you?

    Perhaps you could point me to the articles?

  8. theft would be the wrong word. infringement would be the correct one, and infringement exists whenever something is used without permission and/or without giving credit to the original author.

    copyrights exist regardless of legal documentation or registration, and have nothing to do with profit or monetary gains/loss. i could draw a circle on a paper, put a blue dot in the middle, and just because no one has done it the same way it's copyrightable, and i could, in theory, sue anyone who copied it.

    it just so happens that incurring litigation costs over something that isn't making you any profit is fairly stupid. thus, lawsuits aren't a good gauge of legaility, they just make it known what people are willing to spend a ton of money defending.

    but "A+" for effort, too bad your retort was wrong.

  9. Perhaps I could point you to my ass because that seems to be where your head is at the moment.

    I think I need to take a trip to the loo, I am so ready to shit you out.

    Please crawl back into the hole you came out of...I am sure that the ape-crew over at IT2M are so missing one of their litter.

  10. Oh, I was talking to those retards from IT2M, not the intelligent folks who actually like this place.

    I like it too. Rock on, 'Ask and Ye Shall Receive'!


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