Sunday, June 18, 2006

who let the white trash out?

I had two submissions for "The Wedding Party", so I figure why the fuck not, right?

(That, and the other people who review seem to be MIA...and I'm stuck all by my, uhm..okay I'm done bitching.)

So, I opened up the page, and low and behold! There's an ode to blogger with a picture flicking off the screen. Yes, people. That. Is. Fucking. Awesome. Blogger was a bitch for a good week straight, and that's absolutely unacceptable. Blogger is the equivalent of internet crack, you can't just take that shit away from us without us being like lost little children who are forced to do what they should be doing rather than blog surf.

Anyway, start with the template. It's the standard blogger template of the black variety. White font, red headings. I only have two bitch-fests: why are the recent posts and archives centered? and why in gods name is the HNT button not centered if the button below it is centered? Nothing should be centered, or it all should be centered. Consistency people! C'mon now! Not to mention the heading for recent posts isn't red, while every other heading on the site is. Um, why? Oh, and the ode to Dimebag (whom I love mind you), is seriously fucked up spacing wise. Add some

tags or whatever in there to make the RIP over the picture.

(Caveat: if it looks fine to you and/or you use IE, well then guess what? Party on. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I use Firefox and firmly believe that shit should look good in both browsers, but your site do what you want.)

Content wise it seems like one big inside joke of sorts. It's run by a group of people who post at will and then go into a chat room-esque comment frenzy. The posts are mostly pictures. One post talks about blogging, and I rather like it. And I quote:

"Why do we blog? Because it beats the hell outta working and it's kinda fun sometimes. Now everyone needs to stop being philosophical fags and get back to the sex, booze, & hilarity."

Listen and learn people! Blogging doesn't automatically make you into an introspective god anymore than it makes you into a cool person. Blogging is nerdy as fuck, and even though everyone seems to be on the proverbial bandwagon, it's not carte blanche to explore the inner workings of your soul in every goddamn post. You can't be a droning, depressing, introspective, "life blows" asshole all the time in real life, and the same applies to blogland.


More power to y'all and enjoy the inside jokes that no one but your little group will really ever understand. Whatever gets you through the workday, right?

I give it a

for being mildly amusing and having a nugget of insight about blogging, and I give it a

because somehow I think they'll enjoy that.

Party on!


  1. "Lo and behold" moron.

  2. A blog can be MORE then 20% aesthetic, like when one puts teeny tiny white text on a black back ground and then I can't READ it. Or it looks so UGLY that I can't assault my eyeballs with it, even though the writing is good.
    What's the matter? Did baby get a bad review from IT2M?
    What a crappy cheap imatation YOU are. You can't even make your own template, and you URL is trying WAY to fucking hard.

  3. Oh wow! an IT2M clone. So, tell me, got anymore original ideas?

    Too bad you're not nearly as good as they are.

  4. I like it. Imitation or do ya think we got Burger King, and all those other burger joints? Have to start somewhere. After all people love variety and with all the people over at one site I know, their 'followers' can't come up with an orignal comment to save their souls. Buncha hypocrites they are. Fucktards. Don't beat no one else up over 'taking' your 'patented' idea...oh I forgot, not patented, not yours, free idea ripe for the taking, right? Yep. Thought so.

    To all those ripping at this site...Get. A. Fucking. Life. And. Move. On.

    Geesh, do you have nothing better to do than to troll your asses over here trying to kick up dirt. So confident in your ability at 'your' site, don't bother. No threat.

    No reason to 'troll'....aren't you being just like those folks you bash and shit?

    Clueless, troll-ass, skanks.

    Move along, people, nothing more to see here...nothing more to see.


  5. Oh the one talking about orignal templates and shit....fuck that shit right up the ass with a baboon's nut. WTF!? Did you make your own template or did you buy that shit? Maybe you are a web designer, but not everyone has the ability or knowledge to fucking sit in front of the computer all day and night drawing graphics and shit. So I guess the CEO of Ford should sit his butt down and make his own template too? Or why not Oprah...she should make her own, after all it is HER site right?

    That is fucking ridiculous! Not everyone needs to design their own shit. One person over their made those templates....and if she didn't I am sure they would have 'hired' someone to make it.

    So fuck off and don't cha come back no more, no more.


  6. Well, the people who can make templates and graphpics and sit in front of a computer all day are therefor MORE QUALIFIED to review blogs, dumbshit.

    Oh, and as for "Commenters and followers"?

  7. Please learn how to type, and/or spell proper english, and then come back.


  8. Oh, and I am not the owner of this site, just a reader. Ya know, as in, someone who has taken a liking to this site and enjoys reading the content. So, I guess I am a 'commentor', and a 'follower'.

    Yee-Haw, Grandma...let's hitch a ride on this here wagon, and ride it all the fucking way to town!


  9. This is absolutely delicious! I love this! Can I ask why everyone is anonymous? Is there something to be afraid of here? Or is this the same person over and over and over and...? Well, you get it.

    Personally I'm curious as to why there's a need for anyone to come from IT2M to troll this blog. If there's something here you don't like, why not just move along? All you're doing is generating traffic, which is something you apparently don't want to do for the site author as you repeatedly refer to her as "attention whore". Well, why pay the whore then? And if you must visit the whorehouse, why hide behind "anonymous". I mean, come on, you can at least try to be clever and make something up.

    I don't feel the need to submit my own site for review, as I really couldn't care less about what anyone else thinks of it. And it's extremely sad to see so many bloggers that do need that kind of perverse validation- especially considering the viciousness of the ass kissing hoardes. Honestly, some of them would sell out their own best friends to get in good with reviewers. Seriously pathetic, folks. Still, it'll be fun to see if this site can get the hits and still maintain some kind of serious community, which would actually be something original.

    Oh, and Anonymous 7:07, please try to remember that it's "English" and not "english" when you're criticizing someone else's usage. That kind of error just makes you

  10. Oh, I forgot.

    Yee-Haw, Grandma...let's hitch a ride on this here wagon, and ride it all the fucking way to town!

    I fucking love that.

  11. Nothing like a quick rush of IT2M stupidity to bump traffic!

    I think it's that perhaps you could find something half-way positive on this review site...

    which, i am certain is a drastic stretch for those who have obviously been eating piss-covered cherrios for the last 12 years of their lives.

    oh sorry, 18.

  12. Positive? Why would anyone want to find something positive? It's just too much of a stretch to not just shit and piss all over everything that doesn't coincide with what subjective ideals you, personally, have.

    C'mon now! That's just expecting way too much from italk2much, and the sheep that follow them, ignorantly (and anonymously) defend them and their site, and feel like they are making a difference in the world.

    You go! You rage against the blog review machine because I'm sure the inspiration of a blog review site didn't come from anywhere other than the authors for that joke of a review site.

  13. i agree scum.. i thought that post about sticking my cock in the middle of a pack of zebras was insightful and open for public discussion.


Grow a pair.