Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Comotose hoser, eh?

In today's edition of reviews no one seems to read, we have Waking From A Coma. I'm really not sure what that means, but waking up is always a good thing, especially from long drawn out periods of unconsciousness. Props for that!

It's a standard blogger template of the green variety. I really have nothing against the blogger templates. Why spend pointless hours (or even minutes) tweaking things to make them more unique, when no one really gives a shit and you only give a shit about the fact you have a place to write? Even still, it'd be cool if he put some kind of personality into the template-maybe some color changes, or a header. Either way, the template looks good. Everything lines up, everythings neatly compartmented. My only suggestion would be to shift the sidebar around a little bit. Maybe start with the song list, then follow that up with the recent comments hack, past posts, links, archives, and then the miscellaneous shtuff. Just a suggestion.

In total non-sequitur: I rather enjoy when people put song lists on their blog. But the Dresden Dolls? Ew!

Anyway, the first post is a tag...a really, really long tag. Sorry, I skipped over most of it. I do like the pics-rockin' hair! There's a few concert reviews, including none other than Radiohead. Lucky bitch! Too bad they only had about six dates on that tour, huh? AH-HAH! Finally a post about something to do with the author, personally. I like what he says:

"I love blogging and what it has done for me as far as healing from the biggest wound I hope to ever sustain, giving me a place to get feedback on the poetry that I write, review music concerts and new releases, be the silly individual that I am and it has been a place that I can bounce ideas regarding what to do with my life."

Blog-Land is a community, and it is a place to rather safely bounce ideas and engage in the cathartic experience of writing with little judgment from most readers because they just don't know you. I'm glad he has healed.

Overall, I like it. I think I caught it in an a down period seeing as the posts aren't too frequent lately. I'll probably come back to check things out, if for nothing else than to see other funny pics like this one

i give it: and a for seeing Radiohead, but just know it's out of pure jealousy I give this to you.


Grow a pair.