Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tinfoil Viking Science

I completely blame myself for listening to Cypress Hill while checking out this blog.... It wasn't until the second post down I realized that maybe this wasn't quite as bad a music selection for surfing Tinfoil Viking Science as I had before assumed.

I wish Chicago cops would throw weed at me too.

Overall in a general context the design of this blog was pleasing to the eye. I liked the accompanying slimplistic theme "flow" and the small bits of art that complemented the frame of the text. How very bare-bones fabulous is that?

I must jeer that I felt a little un-equated and assholish after meandering at what I thought was a Rorshach Ink Blot test at the top. I'm sure it's different for everybody though so no worries.

My mother left me in a straw manger with 3 rabid wolves and a faux-tit filled with Ben & Jerry's.

Cheer at the fact this guy adds three pictures to the balance of each new blog post entry. The visual benefit just rocks my dual lobe synapsing and makes me interested in reading. Like an appetizer before an entre'.... or one of those stupid meaningless side salads they always offer...

Lamens terms okay fine, fine it's bad ass....I could potentially steal that idea and send him royalties.

But we're not supposed to talk of template, we speak now of content. Reading Tinfoil Viking Science is like somebody handing you their last Root beer Popsicle... It's unique, refreshing, and jesus... melty? I dunno...

The author writes simple, yet with a touch of verbose creativity when he needs to in order to capture you in the situation and essence of what he's writing. I liked the style of the storytelling and how the descript is laid out comfortably, not force fed into your subconcious concentration 'til you purge like a Beverly Hills teenager.

Only continuous content theme I can grasp is that most of the posts are in some way centered, begun, or emphasized by food/drink in one way or another. Okay not all... BUT MOST! As I flipped through the archives there was nary talk about something not being eaten, edible, or inferred as such. Either that or I'm hungry.

Maybe that's it.

(psst... I did the toothpastecigarettefreezing thing years ago too... ha)

In all I have to say I'm giving Tinfoil Viking Science high tokes.. errr I mean votes! In fact, I'm adding it to my own links list, I haven't fully read the 4 years of archives just yet... but I intend to!!

You get two of these for keeping me rivoted to archive dive you.

And one of these for not sharing your weed!!!


  1. Thanks for the write up! I think of the Rorshacht thing at the top as a roadrunner, but when I drew it, it was just a spiky smear. The animal only revlealed itslef when I looked at it upside-down, as you see it.

    As for my theme, it's flexible. Lately, yeah, food. But I also get into anthropomorphism, drug use, sex, criminal hijinks, and the occasional bloody violence.

    Here, I puffed, now I'm passing. Take a few and pass it to the left.

  2. Thanks for the pass :) I love your blog dude. Rock out with your cock out!

  3. Passed with kisses you gorgeous thing


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