Friday, July 28, 2006

Angels hate people too. That's comforting.

Alright guys. I need you to be honest with me. Is Pacman really scaring all y'all off? Is the site that horrendously ugly that no one wants to read it, let alone submit? We aren't that mean! I swear! And if it's Pacman, well then I'm so fucking on it..err, well the person who does our cute little templates is on it. Maybe. If I ask super nicely and bring a peace offering of double fudge brownies we can get some other iconic video game star that is less threatening. Perhaps. Little yellow circles that eat dots are scary apparently.

If the real reason no one seems to stop by anymore is because it took us a little while to group up, game-plan, and actually get to reviewing then I assure you it's all been worked out. We are on it like white on the proverbial rice. The reviewers are in! The grading is absolute! The schedule is set in a completely flexible yet finite a-post-per-day stone. And, that's about all we can do. If you enjoy this site, find it a decent read, or just have nothing better to do and your place of employment has seemingly blocked but not blogger, then spread the good word! Submit! Help us keep this place alive!

*puts down her campaign posters*


So, today we have a little Angel action. The Angel Within to be exact. Cute title no? Perhaps we all do have some fantastical angel within us, but I seem to think I killed mine off at a young age and let the devil within flourish into the unstoppable cynical force people love, and yes I'm fully aware the blog is entitled after a book.

Template wise, this site is absolutely adorable. There are two skins you can choose from, and the one entitled "blue curves" is nice. It's pretty and it's organized. The one called "star angel" is absolutely precious! I'm not a fan of girliness or purple, but it's so fucking cute! The star-ish thing with the date? Love it! I'm almost inspired to figure out how to make skins, and by almost I mean were I to have any form of computer skills outside of typing I would seriously sit down and figure it out. If this site ever gets a bit more popular, then perhaps we-the-reviewers will shell out some cash for a better template. Anyway! Everything is neat, everything is organized, and even though there is no drop-down menu for archives, she doesn't have every single month she's been around sitting there taking up half the sidebar. Well done! Well done, indeed!

A quick glance at the about section and I'm rather pleased to see the following:

Personal stuff and nonsense from a 36 year old female who should know better
than to keep searching for acceptance from people who are no better than shit.

Amen. I think that's something humanity needs to work on as a whole. I think that's one of the greatest aspects of blogworld: meeting people who finally hit it home that you aren't the only one in your position. But, blogging isn't all rainbows and her first post states that she's in a bit of a slum. We've all been in that position before and lets face it, blogging is one enjoyable awesome thing but sometimes it becomes a pain in the ass, and sometimes there's more important shit to do that you just can't procrastinate on--got to hate maturity for dictating when and when you should not procrastinate your life away, it's so wrong! Blogging also takes on a whole other existence, and sometimes it has all the appeal of junior high with people floating in and out, perusing, forming opinions on nothing more than a glimpse into your reality, and being judgmental fucktards given what little they do, in fact, know. Something as petty as blogging sometimes takes an incredibly thick skin.

It's your blog and you can do what you want to, just remember that my dear.

I give it for having an awesome template and for being insightful, yet not bitchy and whiney.

You also get a because I really think it is the cutest icon in the world, because I'm listening to "Raspberry Beret," by Prince, and because your blog made me smile.

And I award myself a for forgetting to put my favorite ring on this morning and sitting here praying I left it on the counter and didn't lose it.

Also? Let me extend a whole hearted "THANK YOU!!" for linking to us! Much appreciated!


  1. Aww! Thank you so very much :) Not mentioning any names but I much prefer your site.

  2. A. Nice to look at.
    B. Well-written.
    C. Links to us and doesn't like "them".

    Yep, thumbs up in my book.

  3. Seriously. It's been my favorite thus far that I've had the "pleasure" to review.

    And I got to use the penguin. DOUBLE SCORE!

  4. Her blog looks quite nice.

    Regarding to this blog, I hope you don't mind me saying this that your blog is somewhat a bit messy in FF. You guys can get templates from and Ms. Zoot has alot of fancy templates to choose from as well.

  5. My template sucks. I know better than to submit my site for review. I can however say that I liked the layout and format of "The Angel Within". The date "splots" in the corner are a nice touch. I only wish I could understand her British accent...

    Oh well. This is just another shining example of how shitastic my bolg is.

  6. See? It's so bad it doesn't deserve to be called "blog"!!!

  7. Charles: Is it really? I run all my computers on the highest resolution possible so a sperm whale would fit no problem on my screen in entirty. I use Firefox and have no problem. What exactly is messy about it? I need to pass on the good word!

    Squid: Chicken, huh? =) We try not to base much on the template, but it's true aesthetics do play a role. And your blog isn't shittastic! I happen to enjoy it, so there!

  8. As for your template, well, I dug the one with the woman with the black hair. Never was a gamer, but that's just me.

  9. Well, I am on 1024 x 768 resolution using both Opera and FF. When I came in here there is this additional horizantal scroller. I guess the template is too wide.


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