Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chocolate Cake For Me, Please

Hi. AF here, with another review. Today, on the docket, it’s Wedding Cake and Toothache. The template is meant to look like a spiral notebook, but on both the left and right-hand sides. So that wouldn’t work in real life, but it’s a good enough border that I don’t hate it (too much, anyway). The sidebar is LOADED, with buttons and links and all kinds of fooferall, but 100 Records is there, so again, I don’t hate it (too much, anyway) because I love 100 Records. What I don’t care for in particular about the sidebar is that the text for the links is centered, while the text in the posts is left-justified. With the blog posts being on the left, and left-justified, I’d prefer to keep things similar in the sidebar, myself. I'd like to see everything centered though, both header/text and sidebar...not the text inside, but the fields. You know what I mean. I can't explain things well today.

The posts themselves are fairly well-written, although lately I gather there’s someone in her life who is sick, or someone she knows is not doing well. She’s in culinary school, currently, and apparently has done some traveling, which is all good in my book. But I’m not reviewing her, I’m reviewing the blog. So, currently, it’s kind of a downer, but in going back through some posts, it’s a fairly amusing read all things considered. I don’t know if I’d add her to my bloglinks and read it on a daily basis, but I also think that once things improve with the sick acquaintance, I’d come back and read it maybe twice a week or so. She wasn’t posting with tremendous frequency throughout the month of July, so it’s probably worth checking out once or twice a week.

Recommendations? Left-justify the text in the sidebar, and I’d think about trying to center everything in terms of having equal distances on both sides of the text/sidebar. I really wouldn’t change much else, I like the photo you use for your header, and the white background makes things easy to read. I’d like to see you post a little more often, as it seems like you write well and have interesting things to say.

Keep up the good work. I’m feeling generous today.

You get one of these because of the centered text in the sidebar and one of these because I don't hate the content. Post more often though. Smooches.


  1. Thanks! Yeah, I've had some problems with the template that I haven't had the chance to work out completely; it's a work in progress.
    I haven't posted much lately because I need to walk downtown to use my laptop. This chomps because by the time I get off work, I only have enough energy to sit in my cell block/dorm and scowl.
    Will try to post more this month.

  2. I didn't even see this review. For shame on my shitty shitty firefox browser!

    I like your template. I'm not sure I like the centered text in your blog, but again it could just be my browser or it might even be post specific.

    Caz makes great templates, but unfortunately they are insanely hard templates to tweak. I feel you on that one.


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