Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Australian Toaster Biscuits!

Next up to the guillotine is batteryhill. I have to be honest here and say that any blog that showcases more pictures than run-on sentences is an A+++ in my book, and batteryhill is a perfect demonstration of a photographer's dream...or nightmare, depending on how you look at it.

Our author Lisa is a mom and, as any mom is apt to do when blogging, supplies her readers with ample photos of her children. This also ties in with Lisa's borderline-sick love for scrapbooking. Just kidding, Lis ;)

Undaunted by 5-paragraph descriptions, batteryhill is an awesomely simple photo journal that's bound to put a smile on most peoples' faces. Granted, if you hate children you won't enjoy this blog (take that as a warning).

I can't seem to muster the energy to really criticize Lisa's work — I attribute that mostly to the strong fascination I have with the numerous photo treatments I've come across on her blog. I am particularly fond of this one:

My fondness could come from a) the adorably small human being making cute faces in it, or b) the bubbles. One can never know, really.

If I could make one lousy comment about this blog it'd be about the template. Again, I know I'm supposed to spend my time critiquing the content, but you can't have bad content where there are pictures of small children! It just doesn't happen. I was going to come up with a fantastic analogy/metaphor/simile for the whole "pics of children in blogs" thing, but the GREEN of the batteryhill background is making my eyes begin to bleed...which brings me back to my original point: Lisa, I know you are a creative woman — I've seen your work! — so how is it that your template is so...so...cookie-cutter normal? I see great templates in your future if you set your mind to it. If nothing else, please take care of the green because I think I'm suffering from the equivalent of snow glare (blog glare?) born from that color.

Overall! I give batteryhill a few of these: cartoon_star.1cartoon_star.1cartoon_star.1 and one of these: middle finger.1 because of the putrid green.

Now, I have to go flush my eyes so I can come back for a second helping of baby pics!


  1. Good fucking Jesus, I hate green.

    Why? I have no idea.

    I'm also not a fan of "Look at me! I have kids and they're more adorable than your little shits" blogs, but this one is tolerable.

    That green just makes me want to go bezerker, though.

    (yes, that was a clerks reference)

  2. Would you like some making fuck, berzeeeeerkerrrrr!!!

    I thought her blog was cute...only because it's not like she went on and on about her kids, ya know? Just lots of pictures, and pictures are happy times. But the green kicked my ass like it was the UFC champ.

  3. True.

    I really can't stand when parents think they're kid is the next Einstein or the greatest thing to land on this earth since sliced bread. Every parent thinks that. Hell, I think that about my dog.

    But everyone knows my aversion to all things green. So, my visit was perfunctory like coitus, at best.

  4. While you are definitely that way about Sofie, you don't display pictures of her all over the place. Once every couple months and you're covered. I hope I don't become one of those doting parents...but one can never know!

    Coitus sucks. Can I say that? Is that permissible around here? The dissing of coitus?

  5. Coitus, that's a great word.

    I dunno, I think if you want your kid fix or you scrapbooking fix this might be the place.

    But, why battery hill? Is this an insinuation of some kind? Last time I checked I didn't need batteries for scrapbooking.

    *doing the randal walk out of these comments*

    Would you like to suck my cock bizerker... duh dum duh duh dum


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