Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lots of words and stuff...........

First of all, why the fuck am I reviewing this thing again? Didn't someone already review it? Fuck. And you know I hate reading a lot. And typing a lot. And reviewing blogs. And black people..................

So anyway, I got to check out this place. Seems all this chick does is bitch, bitch, bitch. You know how people say that the Jews run Hollywood? Well they also blog. And type...........a lot.

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't fucking read this. Why? Too many words and not enough hard core porn. What I did get from this blog is that this broad has a lot of issues with men. And that means she's a closet lesbian. Also she's Jewish. I figured that part out from when I read that she was Jewish. Another thing I noticed that on some of her posts HOLY FUCKING CHRIST LOOK AT THE GAZUNGAS ON THAT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fuck I just lost my concentration. What I was trying to say was..........uhhhh.........yeah. Tits. Funbags. Boobs.

Guys have you seens the cans on this bitch?

So you get this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting because I want to marry you now. It's okay, I can look past the whole depressed Jew lesbo thing. Call me.


  1. Malted Balls likes big chesty balls.

    Who knew?!

    And man hating is easy when you guys are such dolts about everything. Don't make me turn this page into "Man ranting: an excercise in how the XY of the species suck more dick than a gay man at the love parade."

  2. you probably hate babies too. you and this broad should go out for pizza.

  3. Listen Balls. I love babies.

    I want to have all yours. You could use some more!

  4. i love babies too. they're delicious!

  5. Shall we meet for lunch? Babies On Spikes is having an awesome special on Baby Pitas.

  6. i knew my tits would come in handy one day. hellllzzzz yeyeah!

  7. I would hate to see the demon spawn.

    Kitty Kat + Malted balls = Kitty balls... or malted kat. Regardless.

    I think her writing is good. But then I just got done with this novel about hermaphroditic gangbanging of truckdrivers on long haul.

    There were lots of words, no pictures.

    She does have outrageous funbags though certainly. I call dibs on her clit piercing though.

  8. Malted Kitty's. Sounds like something that could be very popular in the midwest.

    I smell a potential fortune. Perhaps after I finish my pubic hair plug business expansion into colors.

  9. I guarantee if you make it anything like the chocolate frog/harry potter bullshit they charge $3.49 for at your local Borders It will be a smash.

    I'd buy a case alone.

    SO no conflict over my dibs call? Goody.

  10. kitty has had this strange crush on me for a very long time. i don't know why either.

    oh yeah, it's cuz i'm awesome.

  11. Everyone knows I'm not a tuna digger!

  12. He is awesome.

    He's also well hung.

    --this was a paid advertisement brought to you by Malted balls--

  13. I love this blog. I love that the template changes constantly. I love the purple with red in the sidebar. I couldn't love it more. 10000 gold stars.

  14. Look at Balls of fire kissing ass =P

    You want her titties too!

  15. woah! someone is calling dibbs on the hoo-hoo ring?

    today is so my fucking lucky mother fucking goddamn fucking day!


  16. Yo Yo Kristen. Welcome to our smut hut on the net.

  17. Yeah, I like the boobies. Sue me.

    She's also a damn fine writer. I like that too.

  18. Wait a damn minute. I know who you are.

    Where's my f'ing money, you dirty hippie?


Grow a pair.