Saturday, August 05, 2006

Baby blue is highly overrated.

Let's just clear something up, shall we?

I'm hungry!

Phew, I feel so much better now. Alright, now back to our regularly scheduled program. Few people love cats, and women who adore them have a stigma and that's what we have to deal with today. That's right! The Cat-Lady is in the house, and hopefully searching for her litter box so she won't piss in the $100 basket with pillow and $90 cover to make said basket match the lovely decorum of my new house.

*cough* Sorry, I'm still upset over that.

The template is pretty basic. Two sidebars, which I still am not sure I like or not but I see why people use them because it makes shit so much easier to organize and it beats having a sidebar that is just miles and miles long. It's baby blue. A lot of baby blue. And, she paid for the template, so I'll avoid bashing it because a pretty penny was spent making it that way. I will say that I do love the header font. Love! Love! Love! I also really like that you can go through her archives without really going through her archives. If you scroll all the way down, like ALL the way down, you can hop around to previous or next pages. Neat-Miskeet!

It's a blog about whatever she wants it to be about and, I have to admit, I like it. There isn't much depth in what I read, but she says whatever she has to say rather well, not to mention she has a puppy and a kitten-much like I do-and engages in "Dress Up Your Pet Wednesday," which is beyond adorable.

It's fucking awesome!

I give it for being baby blue, for being a good read, and because she dresses up her pet every wednesday. That rocks!

Oh, and a cause I really just love this icon. Seriously.

PS. Sorry about all the typos. I've now learned it's not a good idea to complete reviews after a mildly long night of drinking. Oops!


  1. Thanks for the kudos sweetie! It was a pleasure. The writing at this blog is kind of light-weight but I spent a long time writing about heavy stuff, so this is my "fun blog." I'm glad that you liked it!

  2. I did like it! It was a good read!

    No need to explain yourself, love. It's your spot, do what you want with it. It is fun, and I'm seriously considering engaging in this whole "Dress Up Your Pet Wednesday" thing. Muhaha, my poor dog!

  3. That pink penguin is so sickeningly adorable and you Kitty-Kins. Dear Christ.

    I like the baby blue. I look good in baby blue. I heart baby blue.

    Besides, her avatar makes me randy. HOT!

  4. Thanks for the visit.. just checkin' you out!
    Love your site.. I think I will stay awhile :)
    My brother is so goth...he probably punched a care bear too!


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