Thursday, August 10, 2006

I always use my left instead

Can somebody please have a rule that green templates should be banned forever from the blogosphere? I'm not talking like, soothing 'tree' greens and freshly cut grass greens... I'm talking about pea soup that my mother used to force-choke me to eat and then still not provide dessert.

That evil Bitch.

I confess I was not rambunctous to read the Crazy Leftists' blog because of the template -- but by holy christ if I'm to review content then I must put on my rose colored glasses and dig-in to the bitch like Tiramisu laced with crack.

That being said, when you wear rose colored glasses looking at a puke green template.. you have a nice grounded brown effect. But enough with art class.
Please Jeff Trotter for the love of god change the color of your template... Or else I'll be forced to pitch in glasses per every new reader you acquire from this review.

"Narcissism can be fun" that's the title. How about that for stating the obvious?
Yes, Mr. Trotter narcissism IS fun, with yourself even... Just like masturbation in the closet.

Mr. Trotter has a lot on his mind.
Mr. Trotter reads and watches the news.
Mr. Trotter has an English degree and he wants to be on a game show.
Mr. Trotter has been a very naughty narcissist.
(it's almost suessish people, keep up with me here)

Mr. Trotter feels he has an opinion and to convey it properly... I think he does a damn fine job. In fact, I fell in love with Mr. Trotter the minute I read shit like this:
"OK, this one will be a stream of consciousness kind of thing. The inspiration will be the diminutive Asian girl sitting next to me in the computer lab who is either A) part heifer B) a fluffer attempting to keep her "tool" in shape or most likely C)enjoying the greatest fucking piece of gum ever created outside Wonka's secret little lab. I used to think my dog was the loudest chewing carbon-based lifeform roaming this ball of dirt and water. At least I can put his food dish outside. Jesus H. Christ! ?&#~*!#$ I'm talking in fucking Q-Bert here this is so annoying!"

Anyone else feel the raw emotion in that? I thought so.
You have to love it. Q-bert, he had one hell of a schnoz didn't he?

I found that jem of a quote during one of his earlier blog posts, back in Sept 05 and Mr. Trotter dares not disappoint. The Crazy Leftist is indeed a treasure you keep in your pocket for those times you need to stroke something.
He's vibrant, he's comedic, he's creative... I see this guy going places.

But this pocket treasure is not without it's lint. I think for certain the Crazy Leftist should be sure to keep his posts at a manage-able attentive 'mouth breather' level (since some get long winded at times), and absolutely steer clear of GREEN!

I'd be more than happy to send you the html code for a nice green color, so you can plug it into your template most hastily.

I give you for your penchant to put your point to work for others.

I give you for the template... yes, the short bus. And I apologize for beating this point like a dead horse-- but it bothers me that much.

Fix the color and you'll be closer to perfect and high traffic count. Narcissist.


  1. So, anyone who knows me know I abhor all shades of green.

    This template's shade included.

    I've been reading since he submitted, and that says something, seeing as apparently I hate reading and never do it.

    [/bitchy cheap shot to people not involved here]

  2. He's a pretty funny writer, and you're right, that template is HIDEOUS. OMG. Nauseating even. Pond scum algae colored.

  3. I'm thrilled. It is a good blog, no? I really think if he just changed the color he'd be ubber-eye popping shit my pants that's so identifiable funny.

    Even for us people who read...

    and yeah, green... just, no. no.

  4. pond scum algae color. that's funny.

    Do you agree that the blog is star material, minus the color though?

    would you read it daily were it not for the pond scum?

  5. I have read it daily, granted I have to run to the bathroom to vomit shortly after each post.

    Vile ewww green!

  6. I'm not sure I would read it daily, but I would probably blogroll it and read it weekly.

    Does he post daily? I'm a very demanding consumer. I need a post a day, beyotches.


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