Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Idle Deez Nutz!

Since we're simply a cheap imitation of the awesomest site on the internet , and don't know anything about the intricate world of blogging (or web design), well I might as well just fullful my role as an emo fucktard wannabe, right?

Snapshots of an Idlemind

Standard blogger template, but not just any standard blogger template. It's the nasty disgusting taupe one with a shit brown disco flavored background. Don't you know that the only way to get validation in blogland is to spend money on a professionally designed template?

Her posts are insanely long, and it's all about her and random introspective bullshit, so I obviously, hate it. Her sidebar is fine, but she has a section containing the recent books she's read. Like I give a shit.

Constructive Criticism: Hide in a cave and wish for death, and don't you even try to question my authority. I am a blog master, and if you so much as open your mouth and say this blog review isn't fair I will sick my mindless minions upon you with a vengeance and a fierceness that will leave you shaking in your little shit brown disco flavored backgrounded blog booties.

You get a you dumb fuck. You blog, therefore I own you, you will do what I say, and you suck.
Hah. Just kidding.

Her posts are insanely long though, and there are no titty pics or japanese letters to make me tingle. I hate reading, but I'm not supposed to say that. It's a personal blog....she writes copious amounts....she's introspective.....holy shit! she teaches pilates. She's flexible! I'm tingling now.

Honestly, I can't find anything to bitch about. The template is fine, aside from the fact I really do think it's one of the uglier ones blogger offers, and her writing is fine. Minimal typos, lots of "stream of consciousness" shit going on. She's scattered, she's real, and if I actually read I'd probably link her. I'd bitch about the long ass posts, but I really do hate reading she doesn't seem to post daily so avid readers have a chance to read the novel

You get and should you decide to post tit shots I'll personally deliver the fourth star.


  1. Not the template I would personally choose, but I love her blog.


    Though I think it's easy for commenters to get lost in the comment section, but she has some great debates and discussions going in them. I recommend people check those out!

  2. The Masters of the Universe have commanded that despite not being reviewers, that no other review sites shall dare to enter their realm. Dammit.

    What a bunch of hypocritical assholes.

    At any rate, yeah, this blog, despite that template, is a good read. I'm with ya on the review.

  3. Apparently, they don't understand that to deliver a "smackdown" (what they claim to do other than review), they actually have to read and REVIEW THE BLOG.

    Self-involved, immature, and insecure nitwits.

  4. rumor has it y'all are emo fucktards.

    i heart emo fucktards!

  5. What amuses me the most isn't the bitches, who I don't find clever at all.

    It's their syncophantic groupie herd. THOSE are folks with some issues. The guys clearly haven't gotten laid in YEARS. And the girls? Multiple personalities are just the beginning of their troubles.

    If I were god, I'd sentence them all to repeat viewings of *Mean Girls.* With the bus as the ultimate penalty if they don't learn, at some point in their adult lives, to play nice.

    And truthfully, sweetheart, they're just jealous of your hotness and ability to look good in girl jeans. And we know for a fact that the male beyotch covets your hair.

  6. But they aren't a review site. We're trying our damndest to be exactly like them, and though we are a review site, they aren't.

    We are almost an exact replica of a blog that in no way, shape, or form reviews other blogs. I guess we fucked up big time and should have found a real review site to mimic that isn't a declared copy of their non-review site.

    I really do find it funny that they found it appropriate to devote an entire post to us, when all we did was review someone who submitted. We reviewed them, per their submission, over two months ago and not a peep from them, so why now?

    I do like the fact they blocked our website. Warm fuzzies!!

  7. Agreed. Their following is reminiscent of Facist Italy: "Oh? We're facists now? Alright!"

  8. I loved malted balls' parody. There's nothing sexier than a goth boi with a sense of humor. ;)

  9. Your site is damn hard to read....too cluttered to even try to decipher

  10. Is it damn hard to read? Because I have no problem at all. Funny.

  11. For what it is worth. The comments on her posts usually total up to twice or three times as much in length as her insanely long original posts.

  12. It's so refreshing to read your blog (and I am serious).

    However, I don't think I want to risk submitting MY own blog...don't want y'all to slaughter me like a calf at the veal processing plant.

    But I'll be back.

    PS: You rule.

  13. Rise above them I say.

    Variety is the spice of life. They offer one kind of review, sorry slap-down, and you offer a different kind.

    There's room on the web for everyone. Your slightly more reasoned thoughts and their crowd pleasing, style over substance thoughts.

    The crowd on there like being part of a special gang, where once you have been accepted by the 'reviewers' you feel entitled to attack everyone else with impunity.

    You’ll always come across these tiresome little cliques and you can't change people, so I'd recommended ignoring them and just trying to be better.

    Keep up the good work, remain true and don’t be afraid to be critical when it demands it for fear of being branded like them.

  14. Pyrohnik: I noticed. That's why I said people may get lost in the comment section, or just shy away from commenting altogether. Their loss, but that's how it goes.

    Sudiegirl: Well thank you :) I really don't think we've slaughtered anyone aside from one high school girl's blog that took a goddamn miracle to access, let alone read. Fear not! But, I understand and I sincerely hope you do come bacvk.

    Payne By Name: Oh, I think I speak for this entire site when I say none of us have any intention of staring any kind of "war" with them. Odds are we'd probably lose on account of not having the mass readership they do, nor do we have mindless readers. I think it's flattering that they felt the need to devote an entire post to berating us, and that's that. We are two different animals--we are of the reviewing species, they are of the "we are asked to smack" kind.

  15. i thought italians rode on motor-scooters and said "ciao!"

    they really are kind of self absorbed over there huh? thinking that everyone who "smackdowns" blogs is copying them.

    apparently the inventor of the "review resembling" is one of them.

    who knew?!!

  16. this is interesting for me because i kind of feel like my blog got used as a bat to bitch slap someone else. but maybe that's just me.

    that said, kitty kat, atomic fireballs, pyrhonik i'm glad that you like my blog in spite of the lame template.

    and yes it's lame but it's the only one that's easy to read


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