Monday, August 21, 2006

My Heterosexuality Got Slaughtered.

I really do mean that, and if my girlfriend happens to be reading this then yes, yes it is because you dragged me out shopping for six and a half hours and only bought one--one--fucking thing. If i were with a man, that would never happen. If it did happen, I could kick his fucking ass.

Or if I were fortunate enough to land a stunning piece of humanity like the authory of Blogs Get Slaughtered , I could laugh the pain of doing shit I have no intention of doing but have to do because now I am in a "relationship" and have given an unsolicited consent to be a buddy and companion for all things I hate doing.

Blogs Get Slaughtered and Timmy, the author, are a breath of fresh air amidst all the political and media bullshit being disseminated freely like hot steamy loads on a face. Facials are hot, but not as hot as the satirical lyrical stylings of this here blog.

The template is bare bones minimum: blogger black template, past posts, links to his other blogs and FAQ, and an archive that is showing off a little over a year of posting. I'd say make that shit into a drop down menu, but he really has nothing else in his sidebar so it's not like it's making things insanely long and hard to find. Drop down menus are fun though, aren't they?

The first post showcases the idiot who confessed to the little hooker in trainings death that happened well over two years ago [thank you Sir Timmy for calling her a hooker, as well. Nobody puts that much make-up on their six year old child and puts them in pageants, and then expects them to walk away without an undying love for hooker make-up and sleezy skanky outfits.] and he pretty much is saying what everyone else is thinking: the guy didn't do it and is now coming forward about doing it because he wants the attention. And just as a total aside, let me say that the media fucking sucks more dick than a pre-teen pageant child for making it such a huge deal that he was flying into LAX. The asshole probably ran out of money in Thailand--which is damn near impossible considering how cheap everything is there--and opted for American jail over Thai jail in response to his debts. The media played his arrival and admittance up like it was the news story of the century. Meanwhile, while some faux killer is flying first class from Thailand, the fact Iran is having fun with missiles and nucleaur shit is a tiny occurance that scrolls on the ticker at mach two.

How's that for priorities?

Overall, I do love this blog and I have to admit that I've been reading it ever since a good friend of mine joined blog land and he stumbled upon it and she stumbled upon linking him and recommending me to read him. I've been an avid reader since August of last year, and for something to keep me coming back [without the requirement of friendship looming over my little head--just kidding E!] it's got to be good.

Thus, naturally he gets a

And I have to go with a few for repeat posts. That's torture!

Oh, and I used to live with this guy . I feel your pain, man.


  1. Hey! Dumbass! Where's your pic?

  2. That guy is funny as hell. It's like he says out loud what everyone thinks but is too damn polite to say. I happen to like that.

  3. Don't hate on me for bloggers fuck ups Bizzle.

    And yes, he does kind of say what people are thinking. Or, at the very least, what comical off-beat stuff people may be thinking but are to pussy to say for fear of being un-PC.

  4. I think I peed a little while I was reading his post about his birth control roomate. Thanks for the heads up, gonna be bloglining this guy.


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