Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Feel Like Smashing Things

Well, we haven't been doing a whole lot of actual reviewing around here lately, so it's time to get back at it.

I should preface this by saying I'm in a lousy fucking mood this morning. I can't really explain why, I just really feel pissed off and angry. Maybe that will play into this review, but who really knows? I've been called fucking "milquetoast" by someone I fucking complimented awhile back, maybe I'll get called a "douchebag" for being such an angry this morning. We'll see.

Today's entry is kind of a double shot. She submitted this Volatile Lunacy but it looks like she's moved here. So let's talk about the look and content of the originally submitted blog. I should say I'm looking at this, and virtually everything I review, in Firefox at 1024 x 768.

It's got kind of a cool banner, red with faded stripes. It's a Wordpress blog, and I don't really know anything about their templates, so meh. Three columns, fairly straightforward, blogroll, calendar, categories, archives and pretty much the same shit that every other blog has. Content-wise, she seems like she's really trying to be "sassy" and uses a tremendous amount of cursing. Since I've pretty much told you that I'm fucking pissed off this morning, I'm not throwing stones at this. I'm not sure the average person who stumbles on it wants to read it, but I really don't give a fuck whether she has readers or not. The content isn't really something I'd come back for either on this or her new site, but I've seen much worse. It's just that the sexy, sassy bitch who curses a lot is done to death other places, and it's done better.

The new site is obviously a work in progress. I give her props for paying for her own joint, because she obviously wants to make a go of things. The template obviously is one she's going to change, as it's dark grey and rather plain. If you're gonna cough up the dough for server space, you're gonna cough up the dough for a professional design. I would think, anyway. I like the picture in the header, those shoes are fucking hot. The content is basically the same, and again, it's not horribly written, there's just nothing really there that makes me want to say that I'd come back of my own free volition.

for having plain templates, for all intents and purposes, in two places, and for content that while not boring, doesn't make me want to visit again.

for having a good eye for headers. I also like the signature bitmap you use. It's cool.

Now, I'm just going to say this so no bullshit starts. I know she comments regularly at IT2M, and my guess is that this submission was much like when Ms. Chatty submitted IT2M for our review. That's all well and good. I'll review anything, quite frankly. I just thought you ought to know that this was the case so it didn't look like I was trashing her because she comments there. I could give a shit, really.


  1. Yawn...
    Oh, I'm sorry, did she have a blog there? Aside from the shoes in the header (but who says I don't already own them in red AND black), absolutely mind-numbingly boring.

    If I want to be told to fuck off, I'll go back to high school.

  2. I thought it was well reveiwed, but they'll all be saying thats cos I'm your asses. (feel me wrigging).

    Personally I think most of that crew and boring and tasteless and about as scary as a box of kittens.

  3. If I want to be told to fuck off I'll kindly go to my great home state and try to cross the street.

    Or ride a taxi.

    Or walk.

    Or exist.

    I adore shoes, but even that undying love I have for thinks that make my feet go "ow" can't make me like this blog. She has all the appeal of a popular high school female, and it seems the equivalent demeanor and maturity.

  4. I want to thank you for the review! Yes, I know the template needs some work and I am in que for a professional design. I am quite excited about the two flaming fingers AND the star! I feel special! Yes, I comment at IT2M, but it has nothing to do with my submission here. Frankly, I can't even remember how it is I ran across your site.

    I will be posting about my review this evening! Thanks again guys! You made my day! :-)

  5. So, what you're saying is, you're still watching IT2M with envy and even has to bring into a person's review the fact that they comment on another site.
    You're a pathetic wanna-be.

  6. Um.

    How many times this month have the bitches bitched about other review sites?


  7. it's "couldn't give a shit."

    Oh and what's with the all uppercase text?

  8. I think the only time the bitches have talked about other review sites is when they are started up by some whiny fucktard who got a bad review by IT2M. It's really quite funny and pathetic the way people whine and stamp their foot and say, "I'm just gonna make my OWN review site!"

  9. Why is this starting to remind me of high school? Oh, yeah. Because of the bitches and their "anonymous" groupies.

    Love It2m? Great. Stay there.

  10. I really do love the underlying premise that the only reason this site was ever started was because someone recieved a bad review.

    Nowhere does it even come close to stating that, and the only reason behind this website was for the fun element of it. Creating a site didn't equate to submissions, and I know most of us (and by us I mean the reviewers) hardly thought we'd be around this long.

    We are a review blog, Italk2Much is not, so what is the big fucking deal? Let us review and be merry, and let them continue to "smack down" and engage in trite battles that don't really mean shit.

  11. Then WHY do you mention IT2M in like, EVERY SINGLE POST? Ha-ha-ha.
    We had forgotten about you LONG ago.

  12. Obviously you haven't forgotten, since you feel the need to comment here anonymously. Like juvenile graffiti on the bathroom wall. Who's the fucktard now?

    If you're gonna call someone out, stand by it. Otherwise, you're just an annoying prank call that gets REALLY FUCKING BORING.

    yawn... are they done yet?

  13. Why did Ms. Chatty submit IT2M here for review if this site is crap and their opinions are teh suck?


    mmmmkay. Go back to 9th grade girls and get a do-over.


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