Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sleeping With The Enemy

I think Kitty Kat, who's in charge of this joint, must hate me or something. I seem to be our desginated Place That Shall Not Be Named reviewer. So far, I've reviewed Place That Shall Not Be Named, a regular commenter at Place That Shall Not Be Named, and this week, one that's got a link to Place That Shall Not Be Named's Raffle for Autism.

Well, that's just awesome. Thanks Kat. You owe me for this. Being viewed in FIFOX, 1024 x 768.

Living With Multiple Personalities is the blog of Cat. The look of it is clean, ordered and neat. There is no blog-roll, and no link to a profile page, but she does post links to a "100 Things" list, and some photos, so I check them out. In reading the comments on her photos page, I see that it's entirely possible that the title of this blog isn't a joke. If so, god bless her. The template was a design of Techie Diva and it's like I said, simple, not ostentatious, and easy on the eyes. There are only 5 posts on the front page, so it doesn't take long to read through them. They are well-written, and seem to spark some commenting, which is the goal. She apparently does suffer with Multiple Personality Disorder, after I discover another link where she specifically addresses it. Pretty fucking brave to talk about it, in my opinion.

I see something about a "Friday Feast", and while I'm all for having a focus for a certain day of the week (see the nip-tastic pic below), I can't keep up with all the Fuck You Fridays, Friday Feasts, 10 for Tuesday, HNT, Blow Me Blursday, Wanking Wednesday, Money Shot Mondays and all the rest. I think we need a wikipedia entry for the entire catalog of Blogfocus days, because I can't keep up. Blursday is made up, by the way.

Okay, here's the bottom line with this blog. It's good. You should blog-roll her and check it out on a regular basis. I realize we're all, you know, supposed to hate each other, since we're here and she's at Place That Shall Not Be Named, but fuck it. I like this blog, I would add it to my blogroll and you should too.


  1. I'm loving the title of the blog. I also am loving the template. Simple, colorful, shows a hint of personality but doesn't give me a definitive opinion about her. I always hate when the page loads and the owner wants you to think of them a certain way and they try to accomplish it via their template. (I just woke up. If that makes no sense I am sorry).

    The Friday Feast is kind of cool. I think that all those things are a sort of cop-out from actually having to blog that day--come up with something on your own. I understand that, I dig it, but if you do them all it's a bit obnoxious.

    Once again, no clue where I'm going with that or what I'm trying to say. No more commenting without my morning triple espresso from now on. Promise!

  2. Actually the template was made by Blogs Gone Wild who had ripped off TechWENCH's CSS... but anyway... that's neither here nor there.

  3. I agree the 'assigned' 'days suck but I do not do one every single week. One week it might be the Wordless Wednesday so I can take advantage of the day and post a photo and one week it might be something else...

    I do tend to stray from the 13 thing and the HNT thing. ew.

    Anyhow, I appreciate the review even if I do have a link to the PTSNBN (I watched "The Village" just two days ago so that just clicked)

    Yes, it's a jump for me to be as honest about my condition as I am but after so much therapy and the damn hospitals I realized that between visits I would go in search of someone that might know what the hell was in m failed me. I turned to blogging and found that was great therapy.

    I write for Techie Diva and that's why you saw that link. MsChatty is right about the Blogs Gone Wild vs. Tech Wench reference. I bought the template for the header image.

    I'm rambling now so I'll wander off like some crazy bitch. :D

  4. I love Cat - her blog is always an interesting read and definitely not the same stuff you can read on 100 other blogs.

  5. I once did a "next blog" escapade. It really is disturbing how many blogs are absolute shit out there.

    Hers is truly a diamond in the rough, I agree Miss Britt.


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