Wednesday, September 27, 2006

He Makes Me Feel All Funny Inside

So, when I signed up to be a guest reviewer, I was secretly hoping that the folks at “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” would assign me a shitty blog so I could really let my bitchiness shine. However, I get to review The World Of Chad, which I’ve actually been reading here and there already…and get this…I like it. Not that that means anything, as I like most blogs I read, unless they include pop-ups, auto-play music, or right wing fundamental political rants…oh, oh, and mommy blogs, blogs covered in ads…wait, where was I going with this? Shit, I really need to lay off the pipe.

Anyway, on to the review!

The template is good, it’s well organized, cute header, and easy to navigate. His site takes a little while to load on my computer, but I suspect it’s because my computer is powered my hamsters running on wheels. He doesn’t have a huge sidebar, and thankfully, no autoplay so that I can secretly read him at work. As for the content, I really can relate and I like me some swears. It’s a personal-type blog about what’s going on with him, with random musings mixed in. The first post I read is a list of things he hates, and I must say, we could possibly get married. OMG, you hate hippies and Brittany Spears, too? So do I! Let’s have babies and shit! Also, he’s having a hard time with headaches and is off work from it, so there are plenty of updates about that, but it’s not a lot of whiny bullshit, just him talking about how he wants it figured out, so he can get back to work. Again, I went through the VERY SAME THING. Seriously, we’re soul mates; I’ll soon be trying to figure out his real name and sending him little love notes with locks of my hair in the mail. The only time he loses me is when he posts about computer stuff, but that’s because I’m computer-dumb and holds no interest for me, but that’s just me. He also talks about getting a cease and desist letter from another gentleman who goes by the moniker “The Chad” which I found incredibly hilarious. Seriously, I think I have a new stalk-ee. I haven’t gotten too far into the archives, but I’ll probably add him to my blog roll as his posts are short (most of the time), to the point, and entertaining.

I give him for content, the great template, and cute doggie pics (it would have been 4, but my eyes glazed over from the computer talk). Call me, Chad!

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  1. Well, he watches Dead Like Me and Bones, so I have to love him.

  2. He's lucky I have about two people I'm e-stalking at the moment, and I'm a bit busy with work so I can't add a third.

    'Cause I really would. Computer talk makes me randy.

  3. Oh, and I'm thinking of moving to Oregon for strategic snowboarding purposes. Coincidence? Probably, but it makes the stalking easier.

  4. Cool. I always love it when people fall in love with me enough to stalk me. and the reveiw wasn't too bad either :) Thanks!


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