Monday, September 04, 2006

Strange, dark, home for my balls.

Why the fuck is my icon not animated? Goddamnit, that pisses me of...oh, shit is this thing on *taps the microphone* Testing. One. Two. Three. Right!

Ladies, ladies, ladies, my lovely, lovely ladies!

I'm Good, and I'm very plenty in all those areas that it counts, if you know what I mean. And today I'm here to review what possibly could be the most aesthetically emasculating blog I've ever seen. So, while I slap on some Nickleback so I can get in touch with the softer side of The Plenty, you ladies slip into something lacey and sheer. (C'mon, let a boy dream!)

The site is Strange, Dark, Gypsy girl which can be found either here or here because she moved and hasn't figured out how to done an autodirect yet.

It's got pink, it's got purple, it's got pretty script font, and little orchid-ish flowers. I can feel my balls steadily moving to my throat, but it looks good-it's girly as all fuck, but it looks good! There are sidebars on both sides, and both of them are rather long. I would suggest using a drop down menu for the categories to take away some of the length. Even though both sides are really long, it's neat and organized so it's really not a huge deal. I'm a minimalist though.

Content is good. It's a personal blog and she writes about whatever she wants. She's real, she's fairly raw. I particularly like this post, simply because it's is a strange thing to wake up and realize you are pretty much nothing even though you had/have dreams of being something. Deep shit. Pass the cheebah y'all.

Despite my balls going on strike, I have to say I like it. I may even return when I want to get in touch with my feminine side and don't have the girlfriend to project on to take me to the latest chick flick or "drag me" to get a pedicure.

I give it
a for the lack of auto redirect and the hoops I
had to leap through to comment. Good lord, woman!
and a on behalf of my balls!

Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go scratch my balls, grunt, snot rocket, burp, fart, shoot a gun of some kind, watch things blow up, pee standing up and not put the toilet seat down, try to right guys that are bigger than me (which isn't really possible), and other shit so I can feel like a man again.

Also! Be sure to sign up to be a guest reviewer! It's your chance to take the power back, or some bullshit like that.


  1. I knew you'd like it :) See, girly shit isn't horrible.

    And who could possibly be bigger than you? You're 6'8''. You're ungodly huge.

  2. Well, your review made me laugh!

    I love Strange Dark Gypsy's blog. I totally didn't notice it's girliness but then I am a chick.

  3. ps...speaking of jumping thru hoops to guys are not on blogger beta yet so anyone who has merged over to blogger beta can't leave a comment under their own nameon your blog...

    totally bloggers fault, but just thought i would mention it.

  4. You switched to beta? Damnit! I want to switch.

    And I'm thinking I may have to turn of anonymous comments. It's irksome.

    No offense! It's just not that hard to type in a name of some kind.

  5. I lurve her blog. It's one of my favoritest. and she's a naughty, naughty girl.

  6. Gypsy is a daily read for me. Keep an eye on her, you just never know what she's going to post about.


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