Monday, September 25, 2006

You Fucked Lumbergh?!

Before I start, I would like to call your attention to the awesomeness that is my java scripting abilities. OH YES! Expandable sidebar's are the new black, and I'm all over it like white on mother fucking rice. Or something. Pleaes don't mind me, I've gotten maybe three hours of sleep since Friday and what sleep I did get was on a love seat and I'm rather tall. Oh, and I had to listen to that bastard "London Bridge" song by Fergie about seven times. I'm still not sure my IQ, my eardrums, or my sanity have totally recovered. Either way, I'm here to fullfill my civic blogland duty. So lets get at it, shall we?

Heh, I said get at it. Goddamn I need to go at it with someone. I need to get laid, people. That fact, however, totally has nothing to do with Life, Love, and Everything. I thought I could just put it out there and maybe someone will take enough pity on me to help me.

So, Life, Love, and Everything. I guess if you consider cardiopulmonary function life, I have one out of three and that aint' so bad, and neither is this blog. It's a template by Caz. I like his templates, not so much for their designs but for their tweakability. His templates make a fantastic skeleton to make your own little design dreams come true, but the template she chose [and didn't tweak at all, at least not noticeably] is decent. It's simple, it's plain, it's a white background with purdy black font. It's kind of like a hop, skip, a jump, and a tiny step back from the standard blogger templates.

On the template front, I suggest rolling up those archives in a drop down menu, making those side bar titles a little less HUGE, and increasing the left padding on the side menu so that the text isn't riding on the left border like it appears to be in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I would also make the date header a litle less HUGE and make the post titles a little less small and a lot more noticeable.

Content wise she's okay. She's British, so she has elements of what Americans dub "British humor." I read through the entire main page, and dug through some archives and she's got her moments, but it's like most blogs. It's about her, and when you write about yourself there isn't a 100% guarantee that it will be interesting, enthralling, serve any purpose, liked, etc.

I give her for the content and not having a horrendous template.
She also gets a for the insanely huge sidebar titles, almost hidden post titles, insanely huge date header, not having ESP and rolling up those archives, and uhm yea! YEA! Okay, not the lack of ESP but the other shit.

Tally ho!


  1. Hmm. So much for finding amusement in blogland this fair day!

  2. Ah thanks for the review, have done half of what you told me so far. The post titles though I am struggling with for various reasons....

    Anywho thanks :)


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