Monday, October 02, 2006

I Pity The Foo'

Perhaps it's impending winter. Perhaps it's being overloaded with work. Perhaps, I'm not used to having a lack of 8 hours of sun rays coming in through my window daily. Whatever the fuck it is, I'm in one shitty ass fucking mood. It's so shitty, that my football team winning won't even help. Maybe buying some new bras and shoes will make me feel better. I shall return.

Alright, what do you think? That should tide me over long enough to not totally go ape shit on the poor blog that has to be reviewed by me on this lovely fucking no-sunshine monday.

The Foo Logs pretty much had me at the Starbucks post. But, we'll get there in a minute. The template is pretty no frills. The only color is the top, which is a darkish gray [which is coincidently the color of my car, and that is cool], the rest is white. It's neat, it's organized, it's easy to read, and I'd have to say it strangely suits the author and content. I am going to suggest maybe adding a bit of color. Somewhere. Somehow. Just make it a bit more appealing than the home page of my employer. In fact, my employer's home page has more color. It's a blog! Give it some personality!

Content wise it's okay. Kind of bland, but he writes about what he wants. He's a huge fan of the "word link". Nearly every post has at least five of them. It's kind of annoying [or it's just my mood]. The Starbucks post, as I said earlier, is fucking awesome. I'm a coffee-a-holic, and I think I single handedly keep the downtown branch rolling in the proverbial fat cash. The fact some lunatic really has made it his life mission to go to every Starbucks in the world is beyond fucking hilarious, and I can't imagine the kind of migraines that guy is going to have when he stops with the insane amounts of daily java. He already has my sympathy.

Otherwise, the blog is mostly computer talk. If that is your pickle then enjoy it, personally my pickle stops at template creating. I'm thankful for the Ghostzilla tip. That will make procrastinating at work even easier!

I give it for the Ghostzilla tip, and making my addiction to coffee seem a lot less severe.

You also get a for the template. Color, my good man. It's blessed and wonderful!

Lastly, have a . Not only does this little icon make me giggle, but you're from Ohio and I feel for you man. I really, really do!


  1. Oh. Lunch! Protien bar, anyone?

  2. Hmmm...well, it's nice and neat, but I saw my pet peeve, google ads. Stop that, right now. Liked the entry about the skywalk at the Grand Canyon, but the site seems to be short on actual posts and long on weblinks. I wouldn't read it regularly.

  3. It has some interesting stuff on it, but it's not enough to keep me engaged on a weekly basis. It's more of a regurgitation of techie stuff of interest, and I'm just not into that.

  4. thanks for the review Kitty Kat and for your comments bitter mistress... good criticisms. i will definitely listen to it.

    bitter mistress: so what you are actually saying by "actual posts" is put more of my personal stuff and thoughts in there? you are saying that my blog is not personal enough or you want me to write more about how I feel? when you say "long on weblinks", you mean that I reference too much in my posts and should stop it? maybe you can explain more on that part as the statement "short on actual posts" actually did faze me a little.

    I thought I had a good mixture of referenced links and opinionated posts e.g. Science of Stupidity, The Meaning of Life, I Say Tomato, You Say Tomahto being some that have alot of my thoughts in it. I must admit I do not write too much on my personal life. I took that route on my blog i.e. to stray away from trying to write about my personal life too much as 1) it is not very interesting 2) there are too many of those outthere.

    I can't help but write about tech/ computer stuff as that's the geek in me. That kind of puts me into a niche of people who may or may not like it. Unfortunately, it is not your cup of soup. I would like to think that mine is not in an extreme category of computer/tech blogs out there.

    the minilistic design is preference - i am big on that. Minimalistic design is either hated or loved (again it puts me into a certain niche'd group there) - nothing in between. In this case you hate it.

    funny thing you said about google ads but i have been experimenting on it to see how much i get since my traffic has increased - but i did earn an extra $2 more than usual! ;-) if it struck a nerve on only one google ad on the sidebar and one below the post - you must really hate it. I have plans to take it off midweek.

  5. Foo- not saying that you should stop what you're doing at all means, knock yourself out. It's your blog, write what you want. As for the Google ad, yep just hate them to death.


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