Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Bitter Mistress here, the newest member of Ask and Ye Shall Receive, and today marks my inaugural blog review. I'm sure you're all just twitterpated at the thought of fresh meat, right? Right? Anyway, today's my first day, and I'm taking time out of my busy schedule of cruising Craigslist for my next boyfriend to review Under Surveillance, brought to you by Braindead Betty.

First things first...the template. She designed it herself, which I give props to, since I know dick about computer crap. I like the little explanation under the title, and the grave scene conjures lovely memories of my ex forcing me to watch zombie movies while we made out. The side bar is nice and neat, her blog roll isn't too long, and, blessed be, no ads. Eventually she may want to consider rolling up her archives, but since she's only been blogging since February, it's not essential. However, there are a few nitpicky things that I want to point out (BTW, I'm only viewing this in IE due to the fact that, if I download one more goddamn program on my piece of shit Dell, the CPU will grow legs and kick the piss out of me). It's not centered and for some reason that bugs the shit out of me. There's a sea of black on the right side that's causing my OCD to kick into overdrive. Also, there's no footer thingie (yes, I said thingie...it's a technical term), so I keep attempting to scroll with my little mouse wheel not really realizing that I'm at the end of the page. Not really loving that.

On to the content...my favorite part. I love, love, love that the posts are short and to the point. I love, love, love that even though she's a mommy she's, so far, resisted the urge to turn into a mommy blogger. I love, love, love that's she's willing to put herself out there and say controversial things about her personal life. I want to hump the post about De-evolution because I think that every movie Travolta did after Pulp Fiction was shit (yes, even Face Off). And, yes, I do think that David Caruso is our generation's Shatner, that comment seriously made me pee a little.

I give it a because If I were a lesbian and she didn't have a hubby, I'd file down my acrylics for this lady.

And one begrudging for the uncentered template.


  1. She has me linked, so obviously my narccisistic, megolomaniac ass LOVES her!

    In all honesty, she's a daily read for me. She's like me (which means she's like you Bitter): the non girly, girly girl. It's refreshing.

  2. I have to agree...I haven't read her before, but I'll put her in my bloglines.

  3. If I could remember my blogroll password, I would so add her!

    Damn being a retard.

  4. You go to work in a short bus, don't you, Kitty?

  5. Worse. I'm forced to walk.

  6. Looks like it's just you and me today, Kitty...

  7. I'm here. Kind of.

    Kitty, can I throw L's dog out the window? The thing fucking smells. Worse than you, might I add.

  8. As much as I hate little shit dogs, I'd say if you enjoy having any form of what would be considered a penis, you shouldn't toss the pooch. I can send you the tranquilizers I used on my cat to trasnport it.

    I smell? So says the king of the dutch oven.

    It's usually quiet around here Bitter. For some reason GNVP's posts get a shit load of comments, but otherwise it's just me procrastinating.

  9. Well, at least with GNVP here we got a nice three way going!

  10. You two have fun. The idea of him in any kind of way makes me want to puke.

  11. Oh hi.

    Yeah, it's not bad, but it's dark and disturbing, so I like it. I think. I'm still trying to shake off the jet lag, so for me it's like 2 o'clock in the morning.

    Hello Mistress. Lovely to have you here. Kat, missed you like you wouldn't believe.

  12. Kitty- I heard he was into that...

    Balls- Thanks! Hello to you too!

  13. I am into that. Not with her though. That's seriously like boning my sista.

    Welcome back Balls!

  14. Thank you Mistress! And thanks to Kitty, too, for the nice comments.

    And just to note, I agree that my template could use work. I'm still learning. But it changes monthly.

  15. I think I have a lesbian crush on her, which is strange because I'm pretty damn straight. And that makes my second lesbian crush of the night.

    I love her template, and I love her personality. But I hate her link colors. Betty, for the love of pete, make your link colors something that my feeble eyes can read if you're going to make the font that fucking small.



  16. LB- Good point on the font color, I forgot to mention that. It't teeny weeny, much like my ex's...you know what.


Grow a pair.