Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Protesting Is So Punk Rock.

Isn't it funny how your significant other has a pet, and all of a sudden the minute you consummate things into more than "Thanks for the pussy. Lates!" it becomes your pet? If I wanted a pet, I'd have one. My girlfriend has a pet, and now I have a twelve pound wet mangy thing sitting at my feet and my entire apartment smells like wet nasty dog, and dog shampoo.

This really has nothing to do with anything, I'm well aware; yet, the author of the blog which I get to review today has a picture that says "I bite," and it made me think of the only way I can get this little stink nugget to hate me enough to not have the woman bring him over here is to bite him.

The blog is Blogging Under Protest, and if she's really protesting the blog-scene that much then I say she should pack up her bags and close shop. It's not bad, it's not good, it's not riveting, but it's not a total snooze either. The template is a typical Pannasmontata template, and the only reason I use the word "typical" is because I've seen this template at least four times, just today while blog hopping at work. It's not that the template is horrible or anything, but if you're going to deviate from the standard blogger templates, deviate enough so that you don't have the same fucking template as every other self righteous, narcissistic blogger. Even with these "stock" templates, there's still a code that you can fuck around with, should you so choose, to make things a little bit more you. Outside of the blah-ness of the template, the sidebar is neatly organized and everything is smashing. She even has drop down archives. Well done, my dear. Well done, indeed!

The content has a touch of "Dear Diary!" to it, which I'm fairly certain isn't what she was going for. Sorry baby-cakes. Somehow you managed it. Her posts are mildly amusing, but like I said before, it's not riveting. It doesn't make me want to read it on a daily basis, and even though I went through her archives up until November of 2005, I didn't really find anything that really drew me in. It could possibly be because I have a nut sack and she has nothing of the sort, but I trudged through it like people trudge through the beginning chapters of a book because they have some sick hope it's going to get better and more interesting.

I really wanted to love this blog, because who doesn't want to love the blog of a pacific northwest chic who has a badunkadunk? Alas, this blog really didn't do much for me by way of love. What can you expect from a blog that was started as a creative writing assignment.

I give it because the little stink nugget just licked up the food I dropped so I'm feeling extra giving.

You also get a for having the title of your blog be a hyper link to your blog. That's just a bit redundant and goes with what I said earlier: you can tweak the template!


  1. Thanks for the review, sorry you didn't love it but I appreciate the advice and the review anyways. I'm still encouraged that you didn't immediately want to gouge your eyes out when you went to read it. (can't help it, I'm hopelessly optimistic)

    I'll try and mess with it enough to personalize it - tried in the past with disastrous results; I know just enough to cause damage when it comes to template modifying.

    You're right; the dear diary thing - not what I was going for. Anyone have a noose handy? ;) Kidding...I think.

  2. I likey her avitar...I thought the post about lesbians touching her ass was funny because I've been in similar situations. I'd read it now and again.

  3. And about the least she doesn't have 10 million cats crawling all over you at night...that's something, right?

  4. Faith, everyone has their likes and their dislikes. I'm sure if I actually took the time to blog outside of this review site, it would suck. My template would be insanely plain too. If you like it and you're proud of it (in the way people are proud of their blogs, if there is a pride there), then keep on keepin' on. I'd ask Kitty if you want template help. She's pretty good at it, I have to admit, even if she whines at me to teach her javascript all the fucking time.

    Bitter it could be cats, but if they were cats, they could stay at her place. It's a dog, it has to come over if she's spending the night. It's not like I have anything against dogs, but I didn't sign on to take the little shit out at night, or buy dog food, or have it bathed in my shower.It's gone too far. We shall have our talk.

  5. I've always kind of liked that template, but you're right in saying that it's pretty damn prevalent. I never understood why Pansawhatever made the blog title into a link that goes right back to the blog. Makes no sense to me. Just add a "home" feild for archive pages.

    I can relate to the insominia, mostly because I suffer from the actual sleep disorder. Ambien is a G-d send, I swear! I'd peruse her every now and again. She, like all of us, has her moments of awesomeness.

    And leave the poor little dog alone, GNVP! Or stop being a whiney, self serving bitch and go stay at her place, that way the dog bathes in his own bath. Remember that talk we had about picking your battles? Wrong choice, asshole. WRONG!

  6. Oh! And I have to say that all of our avatars, including Faith's, look delicious together!

  7. The template doesn't bother me but the posts are a little more blah than I'd like.


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