Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Think It's Time To Go Back To Bed

Blogger was effed up, or I would have tried to decipher KeesKennis's "masterpiece" last night. I was relatively sloshed on Cap'n and Coke, and it's quite possible that it would have made more sense than when it does when I'm just hungover and wracked with insomnia.

It's a standard blogger orange template. I've seen enough orange lately to make me wonder if there isn't something seriously wrong with most of the population of this country, since every holiday has to have base colors. But I digress. This blog is hard to decipher. The orange template is basic, and ugly. I'm not 100% sure, but I think he may have upped the font settings on the posting options and header text, and if so, good for him. There may not be too much more praise coming, so enjoy that last bit, okay?

The sidebar isn't too oppressively long, but he's got lots of blog-widgets, including a lavender-skinned clock, a current-moon dealie, and non-rolled up archives. He may or may not care about this kind of thing, because it seems like Acidman is some type of guru/mentor/hero to this gentleman. Rob was a fun blogger to read, back in the day, I hope he's resting in peace. This guy's blog and content has a LONG way to go to match up with GutRumbles. Yeah, I said it.

The content is confusing and well, pointless. There is no central theme to this blog, other than to post odd pictures, and pull entire posts from other blogs (including comments) and post them at this one. Again, I don't understand it. It makes my hangover thump a little louder at 6:17AM on a Sunday (Fireballs rises early to bring the content to his audience of three! WOO HOO!)

So how's everyone's weekend going? I started Christmas shopping, and actually got quite a good head start on it, before the pub beckoned and I got re-acquainted with Captain Morgan. Oh...shit. Right. Middle of a review and all that. This blog just weirds me out. I can't put my finger on why other than I just don't understand this content one iota. He's from Tanzania, according to his profile, which has a water buffalo as his picture of choice. Again, maybe this is clever, but it's making my head ache.

Okay, how to constructively criticize this? First off, it might be good for visitors to have some idea what they are in for if and when they happen on your blog. It's not readily apparent from the text in the header. There are photos, and other blogs posts here, with comments, and it's all just really confusing. Obviously, you could see about a new template. You could roll up the archives and blogroll. You could get a clock that matches your background colors.

I just didn't get it, sorry. Make more sense, willya?


  1. Perhaps I should get some more of the Wowie from my brother's stash, we should puff-puff pass, and maybe read this?

    Yea, I think it would still be crap and totally undiscernable.

  2. Is he speaking of himself in the third person? If so, I have to hate him. There's no way around that.

  3. The first two lines of the intro header turned me off, completely. Window closed. Moving on.

  4. ... I think you guys are missing the point of Kees...


  5. About two years have passed and I decided to apply the time check


    Kitty Kat NOW EXPIRED
    Besides being rather slow, the K in Kat gives you such class.

    The third person, no stupie the forth.
    I hate you too.

    Love bites NOW EXPIRED
    And it is very little.

    The "mind" CLOSED FOR NOW
    You are not a Keeses fart dahling

    Yes you are. Eric knows
    Yes That Eric as in SWG

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