Monday, October 23, 2006

Coffee Can't Even Save Me From Myself Now

There has to be some kind of rule against working over 120 hours in a single week, because for as much of a workaholic, perfectionist, hyper active, and insominac as I am, I'm exhausted.

So exhausted that it's reached the point that I can't sleep. Isn't that a bit oxymoronic? Being so fucking tired that you just can't fall asleep. I'm on the verge of hallucinating. Therefore, I am going to apologize to the lovely Ms. HoosierGirl5 if this review makes absolutely no sense.

The Coffee Table is a chronicle of a single mother. It's not a mommy blog, per se, although she does write about her life as a single mother, but her children aren't babies. That's the thing that drives me nuts about the typical mommy blog--they're all about their little child, and how awesome and wonderful they are. Babies are all the same, the experiences vary slightly, and there's only so much I can read about how "precious" someone thinks their child is. This blog is not like that. In fact, the first post is actually a tribute to her 15 year old daughter and doesn't just go on and on about how great and special she is, but rather lists specific little things that she does that make her a great daughter. See the difference? "My little baby is so precious, he/she/it shits in a diaper" v. "My daughter once snuck out of the house to buy me a diet coke because she knew it would cheer me up."

Trust me. It makes a world of difference to the people who stumble upon your little kiddy love fest on the internet.

Template wise it's the standard green blogger template. I happen to hate the color green for some totally inexplicable reason, so, to be equitable, I'm going to close the screen so I don't see green and go balls out on the deprication. And yes, I am tired enough to completely forget the template is green in the time it takes me to blink about three times. The sidebar is super neat, super short, and has nothing but the basics. She's rather new to blog land, but I'll throw out the classic suggestions of rolling up the archives into a drop down menu, because it's just super duper cool.

It's the prototypical "my life, my thoughts, my thang" style blog that mostly revolves around the joys [and not so joys] of motherhood and life, but she does it in a way that, as I stated above, isn't droning or condescending, which is how I percieve a lot of the "mommy blog" sector to be. Not condescending in the sense that there's an element of superiority in them, but condescending in the sense that there's an element of superiority in them...they are parents, therefore they are way better than you. I can read her, I can see that she loves her children, but there's obviously a lot more to her than just being a mom and it shows. Amen to her for that!

I give it for everything in the above paragraphs.

And, I give it a for the green template. I can pretend I didn't see it, but I can't completely deny myself the joy I get from hating on the hideous color known as green.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a date with my stuffed animal, and hopefully he'll rock me right into a coma the moment I cuddle up to him.


  1. An entertaining read. This made me laugh: "If anyone was going to scream, I was kind of hoping it would be one of us." It could do with a better template, though.

  2. Her template is janked up but I like her writing. I think there's a graphic in one of the blog entries that is too wide and is pushing her sidebar down below her posts in IE. I'd like it better if I werent' so damn tired and cranky today.

  3. Good lord. I was so out of it I forgot to check it in IE.

    In Firefox it looks dandy, though.

  4. Oh shit, then I'm in big trouble when you review my mommy blog. That's ok, though, I'm pretty sure I can take it up the ass and not cry.

  5. Thanks for the review. I'll work on the template.

  6. I don't hate it. Template is kinda bland, but I've seen worse.

    I think that piece of crap I reviewed yesterday may be new "worst blog I've ever seen" against which all others will be judged. If so, this one ain't half bad.

  7. pick me pick me

    know what you mean about tired.... go to bed at 1 every night get up @6. Just can't help it.

    hoosier girl is awesome, you did her good

  8. kfk: remind me never to introduce you to my boyfriend. He loves a tushy girl.

  9. You'd love my blog (it's very green).

  10. I don't know why I'm so anti green.

    Perhaps I should seek help over this?


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