Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life In A Shit Ton Of Green.

Blogger has been one fickle little ice bitch lately, and given the fact it took me three times to get this page to load, I'm not going to give you the extemporaneous bullshit and I'm going to go right into the reality of this review. I'm also in a horrible mood because Girlfriend is back to invading my bathroom space.

Life in the Expresso Lane isn't great, it isn't horrible, and the template has a shit load of potential if she just didn't make everything some variation of the color green. I will say that you should be thankful that Ms. Kitty Kat didn't get your blog to review, because I really think she may have vomited on the keyboard after seeing this. Even still, I have no aversion to the color green, but this blog has a shitload of green. Woman, if you take nothing else from this blog then that's fine so long as you ADD DIFFERENT COLORS TO YOUR TEMPLATE.

Outside of that, things aren't horrible. The side bar is a bit cluttered, and I have no idea what the "Life In The Weird" section is, but hey, to each their own, and seeing as that is the only extremely "weird" thing I see in the side bar, and considering the shitty blogs we've had to review lately (see Bitter Mistress' and Atomic Fireballs' respective reviews below), I'm going to give her a slap on the ass and a "Well done."

Content wise, she's rather good. She writes about her life, and she does it in a way that isn't droning and boring, because as we all know, life is one boring little bitch. She does the "Thursday Thirteen" which I'm becoming rather fond of reading. Basically, it's one of those blogs you either love and add to your blogroll, or you read and pass over. In either situation, you can't really have any ill-will towards the blog, and in either situation you at least are engaged enough to read it. Given the absolute shit we've had lately, that gets you another slap on the ass and a "Well done."

I give it for content I enjoyed, and for the Seven Dwarfs of Menopause. I sent it to my "mother," and she was highly amused so thank you for that.

I also give it for the insane amounts of green. Even the text is green! Add a different color. There's more than just G, in the ROY-G-BIV of colors.

And a goes to my girlfriend who just doesn't seem to understand that the space underneath MY sink is for MY shit. Not hers. Fuck!


  1. You sent that to my mom? HAH!!

    Good on you for actually posting. Here I am logging in to push "publish" for you, and you're such a big boy you did it on your own.

    That said, I'm too scared to look at it for fear I may really vomit on my keyboard given all the green you say it has. I really think I may need psychological help for this illogical hate for green I have.

  2. I like her...she leaves good comments on my personal blog, because, well, I'm a comment whore. But that is a fuckload of green. Her other template was cute, but it was a fuckload of brown...go figure.

    Also, time for a talking to with GF for the stuff under the sink...maybe it's time you charged her rent for her stuff? Nah, that's too passive aggressiv-y

  3. I like this one, too, and recently added her to my bloglines. Entertaining stuff.

  4. I'm scared to look. On account of the green.

    God, I need help.

  5. Thanks everyone!! Seriously, I really appreciate the review and your comments. I've started making some color changes already!!! :-)

  6. EG, or Gigglepixie or whatever else she calls herself these days knows I love her, Linda Blair Pea Green color and all.


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