Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Dig Cheeky Chicks

Wow. We've all been slacking this week. Shape up, bitches! Or ship out! Or not, whatever works. So, boa noite! Como Vai?

Obviously I'm not shmoozing the Brazilian women into submission because of that damn language barrier, but I'm still here and I'm still petrified that some fish is going to swim into my wang and turn my penis into some kind of tchotchke rich domicile. A general fear of all things water, though, has given me ample amount of time to review, review, review! And today I review Cheezy Cheeky.

The template is simple. It's the standard black blogger template with a little personal flair added to taste. I happen to like the standard black blogger template, and find it a lot easier to read than some of the other options. I have no clue what people have against light text on a dark background, but I don't think it's any harder to read than dark text on a light template. The header is simple, but it's pretty neat. I'm not sure if it's hard to read because of the metallic glow from the background, or if it's just the fact my retinas have been crispy fried by the sun that apparently never sets down here, or it could just be the font used in the word "large" renders a short bus stylish "g", but to me the strange looking "g" throws things off a bit. I think it's just me. I kind of wonder if she updates her blog header every month because the current month and year show up on it, or maybe it's just aligned nicely with blogger features and it does it on it's own. Either way, not sure why it's there but it doesn't detract (or enhance), so whatever. The mismatched navigation bar at the top kind of detracts. If you insist on having that pesky Blogger navigation bar, then at least make it blend in with the rest of the blog.

The sidebar leaves me baffled. Seriously, I have no idea what's going on. I see lots of shit, but none of it makes any sense to me until I hit her link section. That means one of two things. One, the sun has fried my brain (and my retinas) and I need to stop having so many drinks between meetings, or two-it's all random pointless shit that shouldn't be there. To be fair, I'll go in the middle and just say that things could be better organized and have more explanatory headers so I'm not just clicking on shit, scratching my head, and still wondering what I'm looking at. I'd also suggest limiting the amount of posts that show up on the main page--I counted 19 posts on the first page (which is probably a bit off, but work with me here people. I'm in Brazil with a bunch of other engineers). Plus two for rolled up archives. They give we reviewers a hard on, or whatever the female equivalent would be.

I have no idea what it is, but for some reason the page takes to load in IE. So, while I wait for that to load I'm going to go get a peach rum at the pool bar with a cute little umbrella.

[Sips his drink] Why is it that straws are so emasculating? No matter how big, manly, and obvertly heterosexual you are, the minute you sip a drink from a straw you look like a flamer. So funny! Right, anyway, back to the review and things look dandy in IE, as well as Firefox. So that's always good. As for the content, it's the omnipresent "journal" style. She writes about what she wants, when she wants, and it usually pertains to her, her ideas, her life, and things that she enjoys. Nothing wrong with that.

She does have some awesome pictures of Bucarest (I'm Eastern European, and I'm going to spell it that way, damnit!), because she currently lives in Romania. She proclaims to be a "world citizen," and I'm guessing that in prior posts she's explicated that but I'm lazy and going on my fourth peach rum this morning, so I'm going to be an ignorant fucker and say I'd like to see more of these world travels in bloggy posts, and more of her [wink wink nudge nudge], because she's adorable.

Overall, the content is decent. Because it's a "journal"-esque blog, it's a "love it, hate it, or indifferent about it" kind of thing. The pictures I love, the words I happen to be indifferent about.

I give it for a decent template, decent content, rolled up archives, amazing pictures of Romania, and being so gosh darn cute!

I have to give it a for the sidebar. It's not that it's too long, or disorganized, it's just that I have no clue what half of it pertains to until you get to the links portion.


  1. Yeah, I don't really get her sidebar either, but I love that header so much I want to hump it.

  2. I don't really get everyones aversion to white text and a dark background. I like it, too. Preach on mah brotha from another motha who calls my motha "mom."

    I'm amazed that you type that in thirty minutes, after four peach rums. Fuckin light weight!

    Sidebar lost me. Pictures are cool. Not sure if I abslutely love the header, or am just stoned.


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