Monday, November 06, 2006

My Thoughts Gave Me A Headache

Is anyone else shocked as shit that it is already November? Where has 2006 gone? Not that I really mind it seems to be speeding by me faster than my youth seeing as 2006 has hands down kicked 2005 out of it's position as "Shittiest Year Yet," but the fact it is already November has thrown my entire chronology out of whack. I even caught myself writing 2005 instead of 2006 on documents, which is beyond wrong seeing as it's been 2006 for a really fucking long time now.

And that? That's just my thoughts on...stuff. Everyone really has thoughts on stuff if they have any thoughts all which it seems the majority of people just really don't anymore[whether they should or not is completely debatable, but that's a whole other issue], and Mr. Leon Robinson is no different. In fact, he's a lot more up front about it than most bloggers or just a lot less creative than most bloggers. After all, the title of his blog is My Thoughts...On Stuff.

First up: Template. It's orange. The background is some kind of pumpkin orange, and the rest? Well, it's not an insanely bright orange, and it's not that awesome orange that is reminiscent of gorgeous fall foliage. Nope. It reminds me of orange sherbet ice cream, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because sherbet is perhaps my favorite type of ice cream. I was just about to start going on this tirade about the color orange and how it's a pretty heinous color especially when used in over-abundance, but then I noticed where Mr. Robinson is from. JAMAICA MON! I love Jamaica, I would to love move to Jamaica, and I know how much Jamaicans do love themselves some insanely bright and vivid colors. Thus? On account of your heritage, I am going to let the entire orange thing slide with nothing more than a slap on the wrist and an insanely heart felt thank you for NOT doing the bright green I see everywhere when I'm in Jamaica.

He designed the template himself and that on its own deserves giant props. People can't even make pre-made templates functional, so to make your own template? I'm impressed, and it's not just because I am the almighty template guru [self proclaimed of course]. I do have to say that having a three column layout is absolutely stupid when the sole purpose of the auxiliary sidebar is for Google ads. I know everyone is trying to make money off of anything, but blogging isn't it. I really have no idea how much money people make off of those adsense things, but I find it rather blasphemous. You do it for the love of blogging man! Not for the potential cash in there. You want to get rich off of writing, then get a book deal. Can't get a book deal? Congrats, you suck. Blog in no-frills, no potential for money making peace. On top of removing the adsense, or at the very least moving it to the bottom of his sidebar and getting rid of the second sidebar altogether, I'd also suggest that he move the Google search feature to the sidebar, roll up his archives [Is it a review when we don't mandate that? honestly!], and get rid of that fucking word verification feature on the comments. YES! I SAID IT! I'm so fucking sick and tired of word verifications! Everywhere you go, there they fucking are and it's ridiculous, especially when you have the ability to delete spam comments and you deleting those spam comments takes a hell of a lot less time than it does for people who want to comment to decipher whatever crazy mumbo jumbo blogger has vomited up, in some whack ass crazy font that makes all the letters look vaguely like "M"'s, just so it can verify that your beloved readers are, in fact, a human being. IT'S OBNOXIOUS!

*drinks a few glasses of wine and takes a Xanax* Excuse me. Right, so, get rid of the adsense and frivolous third sidebar, move the Google search to your sidebar, roll up your archives, and take off the word verification. That's my suggestion.

The content is decent. He has a post about Speed Racer, and that's awesome. He basically talks about whatever he wants to talk about, prefaces it with "My thoughts about ______" and fills in the blank with the subject of the day. Consistent and simplifies the sometimes gruesome task of figuring out what to title a post, but it's a bit redundant. He writes very well, and even though I'm not really interested in the aforementioned "fill in the blank topic of the day," I found myself reading his entire post page, and may even go archive diving. I absolutely love the post that talks about how idiotic and retarded celebs are about "world causes" and how they try to "help"

I give it for the content being well
written and having an alluring quality, and for designing your
own blog template-on beta blogger, no less.

I also give it for the get rich quick third column of
pointlessness, and the word verification. Someone has to take a
stand against that bullshit, and I'm sorry to say I decided to
take a stand today with your blog as an example.

You also get a for making me blast some
Everton Blender and Bounty Dance all over my living room

Sorry I yelled at you.


  1. Great review.

    I totally agree with everything you've said here (getting rid of word verification right now).

  2. Thank you for the review.

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