Friday, November 17, 2006

Nice mugs

So my task today is to review hot coffee girl. HCG has a decided advantage at this precise moment in time because just the thought of hot steamy java made me happy. And reminded me that I need to pee from my last 16 oz mug.

The blog design is nice and clean, although I must say I'm not a fan of green. Particularly that shade of green. It makes me bilious. I love it that hot coffee girl's cartoon image actually kind of LOOKS like her (can't speak for the boobs or those flat abs), but you get the picture. I'd personally swap out the icky lime green for a different shade of green from her graphic, or maybe brown, but hey, that's me.

Further, I hate all the busy little buttons and blinkies and crap like that on the sidebar, I think (for the forty-leventh time) that they are STUPID and people who put them on their blogs need to be whacked with a two-by-four. But w.t.f.e. clearly, I'm tilting at windmills here and busy little blog buttoners are beating me down.

Roll up the archives into a drop-down monthly list, searching through that long-ass list by title is pointless...I'm not doing it. And roll up your blogroll into a drop-down, too. Your readers will thank you.

What I really care about, however, is content. With this blog, alot of the content isn't great, it's like she's reaching for something to write about, and quite often she never gets beyond the superficial. Meh (yawn). But some of it, some of it's GREAT. If you don't read anything at all on this blog, read that post. She has moments of greatness. Would I read every day? If she wrote like that every day, I damn sure would.

So, I give it for the content and for having the potential to be a great blogger, but being 70% mundane and 30% great. Oh, and for the stupid ugly buttons in the sidebar. Get rid of bust, get rid of avitable's fat face, get rid of all the other stupid blog promotion buttons, and focus on giving us a little more soul in your writing. You've got it. You've got a gift. Stop squandering it, and start honing it. There are ten million bloggers out there who would gladly rip your gift for words/soul out of your fingers and throw you into the dust for 1/10 of the writing talent you're wasting in most of your *space filler* posts.


  1. I've read her off and on...I like the toon, always makes me smile, but yeah, roll up all that sidebar crap

  2. hot coffee girl11/17/2006 2:01 PM

    The cartoon is a very generous depiction. I wish my abs were that flat!

    Thank you for the review, Love. It is hard to hear the part about wasted talent...but even harder to know that you're right. Thank you for taking the time to read the site, and giving me your honest view.

  3. My banner is a sign of a blog that has been blessed by the Holy Avitable. It's only there for religious reasons.


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