Monday, December 18, 2006

Guess Who's Back! UH! Back Again!

Wassup my lovelies?! Did you miss us? As you can presume, we are back with a mother fucking vengeance and we are taking no prisoners in this thug life wrought with blow reviewing. Can I get a "Holla!"?

Can I at least get a "Thank you Kitty for spending 6 hours getting things back up and running and back to whatever kind of normal existed around here."? It was my pleasure, my pets. I have to admit, I kind of missed reviewing for the period of time it seems I [and all of us, really] have been MIA. An avid blogger I am not, but an avid blog reader and critic I am. It's shocking I know.

Regardless, today's victim, and I say victim because I've had what appears to be called "sleep" for the first time in what seems to be two weeks, and in so experiencing such "sleep" for the first time a while, when I awoke this morning so did this pent up rage that was laying low on account of insufficient funds. blog is All that Comes With It. It's a chronicle of a new family, so it's really not this huge longshot to guess that I'm not going to rant and rave about this blog, but that's all that comes with clicking "submit."

The template ain't bad, it ain't good, it ain't anything. It's the equivalent of a Whopper when what you really want is a black angus steak: You want dead cow, so at least what you got is dead cow. This blog's template is the epitomy of complacency. The colors are dull, the organization is top-notch, the header I swear I've seen before, and I think a fly just laid eggs in my mouth due to how large my yawns have been. O-well, shit happens.

The content is pretty much a mirror image of "eh." He/She/It writes well, but the topic is not even close to the ghetto fabulous alley my mind and interest resides. My alley would rob, assault, and then point and laugh at this style of blog. I can see why people would add this blog to their daily reads, but I can't see why I would even remotely contemplate adding it.

And that's all that comes with it.

I give it . I mean, it's well organized, and the writing is done well. It's just a snooze fest, in my opinion.

Goddamn! It's good to be back!


  1. Now, whenever I think that my blog is boring, I can read this one and feel better about myself...

  2. Amen, sistah, glad you're back.

  3. I think Kitty deserves more than a "Thank You" for fixing blogger's latest fuck up.

  4. I'm glad we're back too. I need an outlet for my procrastination.

  5. Kitty--Hah! Don't we all!


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